Hello and Happy New Year!
Today is December 31st, the last day of 2012. We survived!
Hope you had a really good December readers!
My christmas was characterized by Quina planning, very nice bargains on Tradera(swedish Ebay) and second-hand stores, and a very relaxed Christmas Eve.
There has been little change of plans for NärCon this summer. Now, when I started with the body shape (I'm not as burly and handsome as Quina), I realize that it will be far too warm to wear in the summer.
Then I remembered that I had plans for NärCon Winter to cosplay Ashei from Twilight Princess. So to not torment myself with the world's hottest costume in the middle of summer, I have decided to switch. Ashei on NärCon this summer, and Quina in winter.
Since I basically have Asheis bangs and length of hair I figured I'd go black again, with temporary color. It might be easier than a wig. Here's the last time I had black hair, almost 3 years ago.

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