Today I received a package from  EyeCandy's,I'd ordered two pair of lenses green ones and pink. I even got a little extra gift! A cute frog lens case.
The pink will be used in a small photo shoot at the end of next week. A classmate wants to fill her portfolio with some portraits and the likes.
I've done a little bit more on my Quina-cosplay but nothing more than the shoes are done yet. I've made a little bit of Quinas fork, but the parts that are in gold  needs more details (looks kinda shitty right now) and I'll get leather and polystyrene. Thinking about how to best attach the fork portion on the handle so it fits well. Wondering if Loctite super glue + plastic + gold spray is a chemical crazy combo? We'll see I guess.
Have you voted for all the great cosplayers atCosplay SM? My vote went to Gustav Ljungdahl because I love that he makes his armour out of actual scrap metals!

Frogeating monster

Quina Quenfrom Final Fantasy IX was the answer to yesterday's little guess. 50 people who had seen the post and not even one guess, ouch!
Here's the beauty. I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to make a mask, and I love Quina!
This is my main reference images.
I've started with the frame on Quinas fork too, but I thought I'd only post pictures when I have finished something. So far I have had time to finish the shoes. The shoes are actually the only thing I have not done from scratch.
Pumps pimped up to the soundtrack of Quinas theme song


Who am I going to cosplay at NärCon this summer?:D hint: He/she likes frogs
This is going to be my very first cosplay. I have 9 months, and you'll be able to follow the process here!
A dreamcosplay for me to make would be Shad from Zelda Twilight Princess. So stylish clothes and accessories. Of course I do not look a thing like him, BUT my dude does! I hope I can persuade him to be Shad sometime <3