Frogeating monster

Quina Quenfrom Final Fantasy IX was the answer to yesterday's little guess. 50 people who had seen the post and not even one guess, ouch!
Here's the beauty. I wanted a challenge, and I wanted to make a mask, and I love Quina!
This is my main reference images.
I've started with the frame on Quinas fork too, but I thought I'd only post pictures when I have finished something. So far I have had time to finish the shoes. The shoes are actually the only thing I have not done from scratch.
Pumps pimped up to the soundtrack of Quinas theme song

Postat av: Ylva

Oh vad spännande! Ska bli kul att få följa utveckligen och se resultatet!


Svar: Jamenvisst!:D Kul att du tycker det Ylva^^

2012-11-09 @ 13:32:13

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