Kultcon 2012

This weekend I was at the convention KultCon in fine Jönköping with equally fine friends! I had in fact won a contest and gotten a free ticket. One could design a new logo that would be their mascot Kult-kun renewed. Me and another girl won! Here is my contribution:
 Satisfied, happy and stoked we went by train from Stockholm. The sun was shining and it was absolutely wonderful.
It was three fantastic days with video games, goofing around and competitions. Thanks to everyone who made my weekend!
On the second day of the convention my friends starred in the opening of the Cosplay competition. For those of you who do not know what cosplay is, it's an abbreviation for Costume Play and is simply when you dress up as a character from a game, a series or film. Them and the rest of B.A.K.A Cosplay did a fantastic job! They were all cosplaying characters from the series One Piece. Here you can see the entire inaugural sketch with dancing and the whole thing! It is filmed with my cell phone so the quality is not super-duper(and it's in swedish)
I was honored to do the makeup for my friends who were Absalom and Franky, but also two others from B.A.K.A Cosplay I did not know from before, including a girl who cosplayed Nami! She had a tattoo that needed to be covered up with the character's tattoo. It was incredibly fun and I would love to continue with cosplaymakeup! I mostly took pictures with my cell phone during the convention, but I'll soon put up better pictures that other talented people took soon:D
Here's a group photo of my great friends who attended the opening ceremony.
Sanji to the left won the prize for best look-alike, and Franky in the middle won the audience choice.
lovestruck Sanji!
Here's the cutest Nami I've ever seen!
My friend Eddie was so happy(?) to have won the prize as Sanji :D
My little Kult-kun decorated the top of the trophies!
Eddie also turned into Will Smith now and then haha
Breakfast at a hostel was awesome. Conventions often mean bad eating habits >.>
Here's the make-upgirl from Cosplay-saturday! I wasn't cosplaying, I was just being my awesome self:)
The cute Florentina och Johanna did an amazing job doing the make-up for Sanji!I just love how they're each others opposites in this picture^_^
I did som gerilla war tactics-marketing in the café
the Café
Here's some cool convention people that I just wanted to photograph.
coolest Beppo and Trafalgar Law
random cute girl<3
Another cutie! I think she cosplayed someone from Vocaloid. I don't have that much knowledge about that software, Do tell me if you know who it is! update: SeeU from Vocaloid 3
Tony tony Chopper
I get so inspired going to events like these!.It makes me want to start up my own convention in Stockholm^_^!
I'm planning a grand costume for me to next summers NärCon in Linköping. It will be legendary.
Thanks again KultCons organizers <3

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Åh vilka fina bilder det blev :D supermysigt, saknart!

Svar: Ja eller hur Flurry! Du och Johanna är så söta<3 man kan få superfina foton även med mobilkamera när det är så härlig stämning och fint folk:D

2012-11-06 @ 11:45:07

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