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As you may know, there have been strikes at DHL. A few days ago I received an email that my order of fabric was sent back and I got the money back. I guess this is due to the strike and I will unfortunately have to search at retailers here in Stockholm. Too bad because I really found the perfect fabric! I have already tried both Tygverket stores with no results and plan to visit Sundbybergs Textile Centre next week. The gray ribbing seems quite hopeless to find but I have an old knitted hoodie here at home that I thought I could use. Hopefully I can find dark red trouser fabric at Textile Centre. Keep your fingers crossed readers!
Something, however, that I received without a fuzz was the wig I'd ordered from Arda Wigs! Here you can see how it looked before I started fiddling with it.
I have'nt gotten much done yet since I need to get myself a wig head to pin it properly, but I have atleast planned in detail how I should go about to style it.
Sketched the hairdo from different angles to get a better understanding of it.
Tested first to use a portion of the wig hair to form bangs, but it was no good since the roots of the wig is treated to give volume to the hair. It is thus superfrizzy.
And yes, I have painted the bust yellow(didn't have any white at home) So he plaster doesn't get on the wig.

I had black clip ons at home that I could use to make the bangs instead.
It is real hair and was therefore very easy to cut nicely.
What I've had time to do after this photo was to cut short at the back of the head and distribute what should be the hair on the sides. I really like the lace front! I will take some detailed pictures later when I start to get a little more done with the wig :)

I've recieved my lenses as well, They're Dueba DM-23 Chocolate and they're ordered from Pinky Paradise. Usually I shop from EyeCandys but they din't have the green lenses I also wanted.
Right without, left with lens.
The picture doesn't do them justice, they look a lot more brown when ypu look at them in daylight. In consideration that I have green eyes I think these lenses blend in really well! That being said I'm very pleased with them!
At my school there's a lot of awesome workstations that makes my crafting-spirit dazzle with wonder! I haven't gotten access to that many places yet except for the place where I made my bust.To Plasti-Dip coat and spraypaint my armour I'll book a room in school especially for that purpose. It's well ventilated and is optimized for spraypainting! Last week I found out that school is closing for a while over the summer! I felt a little stressed to get everything done. Therefore I've started with my nemesis, the corset.
here's my reference
Started out with 4 hours of planning, sketching and fitting and was finally done with a pattern.
I've partially had a real corset pattern at hand to understand how they're made and what you have to think about.
Here's all of my scrap pieces of foam, I've saved it all!
sometimes it's better to use an unexpected material, like a lid for a glassjar!

this part fits really well!
On monday I think I'll attend a cosplay workshop outside of Uppsala. I might make Asheis sword, or just have fun with a new material:) I'll make sure to document it!

Postat av: JOPPE

Wow vad mycket du hunnit med! Vad snygg peruken ser ut, ska bli spännande att se den på ^^ synd på tygerna, hoppas det fixar sig!

Svar: Det är lite läskigt men också kul att hålla på med peruken! Har jag klippt så har jag ju klippt liksom. Kan aldrig riktigt ändra sig.

2013-04-26 @ 20:37:08
Postat av: JOPPE

Jaa, förstår det :o Men du har ju fallenhet för det i alla fall för snyggt blir det!

Svar: Gullejoppe då! Tack!:D

2013-04-27 @ 20:47:14

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