Hajime means "beginning" in japanese, maybe I should have had her as my first project? That'd been neat!
I'm moving slow in progress on my costumes right now, and it's just how I want it actually. Financially, I can't really do that much right now, and a lot of what I can do needs to be practiced for or tested first so the slow pace hopefully means that I'll get a good result in the end!
Anyways, this is the outfit I want to wear to my next convention which will be as soon as the end of october this year. She's Hajime from the new animé Gatchaman Crowds. I'll be working in the videogame team at Confusion in Gothenburg 25th - 27th october, come say hi if you're there!
Even though I'm not planning to compete with this cosplay, I'll be making a lot of the items anyways.
I already have a pair of black tights, I got the perfect shoes for a really good price through a swedish Ebay site called Tradera, and I found the shirt in a local store for 10 kr! I need to change the collar on the shirt and make a yellow bow-thingy but other than that it's just the skirt that I'll be sewing.
I love that they're not in leather<3
I made a visit to Sundbybergs Textile Centre on wednesday and met up with Josefin and Miranda, two talented swedish cosplayers I met at Närcon that also lives near Stockholm and we ended up spending most of the day together. I had so much fun! I was on a tight budget that day but I did get what I needed for Hajime and also some new needles for my sewing machine:)
Apart from her school outfit and her Gatchaman Notebook I'll be making her backpack! Josefin told me that you can actually buy this on Ebay, but I want to make it myself because I'll learn a ton about sewing and It feels a bit too easy to just buy it, I love a challenge:)
Here's my fabric and zipper for the backpack. I also bought some stay tape for when I'll sew in the zippers, some Vlieseline for the collar and interfacing hems, and a zipper for the skirt!
As for the beak, I've made it in craft foam, smoothened it out with joint filler and I am now in the process of primeing and strengthening the surface, but this time I wont be using PlastiDip. I will try woodglue in many thin layers. This woodglue thing isn't something I've come up with myself. A lot of people have tried it but mostly on worbla. Some say it sucks and that everything goes to hell when it rains on your prop. and for some it works perfectly. I decided to try myself on a scrap piece of foam. 4 layers of wood glue first, a layer of acrylic paint and then a clear coat. I tried rubbing water on the surface, scratching it with my nails, and even leaving it in water for a couple of minutes. It didn't show any sign of peeling or something like that. I'm starting to think there´s only some types of wood glue that works since people seem to get such different results with it. Anyways, I'll be trying it on my beak and we'll se how it goes! If it just peels off even though my little experiment worked, I'll get some PlastiDip and redo it:)
Here's some progress on the beak before I started coating it with glue:
By the way, you haven't missed the photos of my Ashei that I've uploaded on Cosplay.com and on my facebook page, right? Here's my two favorites!
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Shila Forsman Photography
Photo: David Johansson
Now that I've had some time "away from it" I realize that getting that silver/gold/green mix was hard to pull off, but I frickin' did it and I'm so proud of myself<3

Postat av: Lars

Tror den där väskan kommer att bli episk!!;o

Svar: Hur kan något med en anknäbb INTE bli episkt liksom?:D

2013-08-24 @ 21:24:58
Postat av: Hanna

Amazing how you managed to get them so smooth!

Svar: Sanding and joint filler is the shit! :D

2013-08-26 @ 13:48:39

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