Mini update

Not much has happened since the last time I wrote. I've done some of those little things such as looked up what kind of lenses I need, ordered some fabric samples for future cosplays and bought fabric and shoes for a casual cosplay I'm hoping to finish this year.
my fabric samples
here's how the color of Quinas coat looks
left: official game art   middle: concept art   right: in game
I ordered two different pink fabrics that I thought could fit for Quinas coat(which is the only fabric I'm missing for that cosplay) but none of the two really fits. The jeans at the top is too dark and saturated, and the manchester at the bottom is the exact same shade as the one I'll be using for the "skirt". So I thought I'd try dyeing the manchester to get the right shade, we'll see how that goes:) I'll try beetroot and if that doesn't work I'll buy some fabric dye. Apart from these samples I've also looked up a white fur for Asheis yeti-suit.
The casual cosplay that I mentioned is a character from a new anime called Gatchaman Crowds. I love the way it's drawn and the character design, so if you haven't already, go check it out!
I hope I have some progress to show you soon :)

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