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After NärCon I felt both very psyched and also very nervous and insecure about cosplay. Do I want to continue with this new hobby of mine? Yes! The question is if I have the time to compete. To keep a deadline. I'm a bit unsure about that since it was kind of stressful to complete my Ashei for the competition and I was so afraid of what people would think of it. I wanted everyones approval, someone saying "yes, you may continue with this". Quite stupid now that I think about it but most people probably feel that in the beginning, that those who are already well known and experienced has to give an OK-stamp in the ass of all the new dolls coming down the aisle.

Despite that, I'm already planning for my next projects, Lodovica from the comic Sky Doll and of course I want to continue on my Quina Quen!
I don't think I want to wear Lodovica for a convention since it is so revealing. I really love the character and I think I could pull it off really well, it's just that I've realized what a huge issue it is for cosplayers with revealing outfits to attend conventions and other events. It's the same problem as anywhere else - just because a woman or a man shows a lot of skin some people suddenly think they have the right to touch them and say sexist comments. I've seen this happen to a fellow male cosplayer, and heard a lot of stories about it happening to girls as well. They did actually bring up "Cosplay is not consent" at NärCon but it was really brief and they only said that we "have to look out for each other" and nothing more. If you're interested in reading more about CINC, you can visit this facebook-page.
my Lodovica reference
I do have enough self esteem and a strong opinion about this so I would definitely not approve of it happening to me. They'd get a piece of my mind. The thing is, I want to remember a convention because of the fun things that happen and all the people you meet, not some dude or dudette grabbing my ass or making sound effects for my boobs when I walk, yes these are actual things witnessed at NärCon.
If I'd have someone around me, helping me if something happens and making sure no one does anything inappropriate I might consider wearing something revealing for a convention. We'll see. Right now I feel that I want to make this costume, and have a really awesome shoot with it, reinacting scenes from the comic and looking fabulous with my friend Arty Anna as Noa!
So what's next? Well, I got my XL sheet of Worbla to try out, I've ordered some fabric samples today and I'm planning for a cosplay workshop at Anna's place this fall! I might make the Yeti version Ashei for Gamex too if I find the right kind of fur for a reasonable price :D
Ashei in her Yeti-suit

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