I've been working on Zelda while waiting for my Rotary tool to arrive that I need for Quinas head. My foam base wasn't even enough to cover in worbla so I have to fix that. I actually finished the idea for my performace on cosplay SM and also made the music and sound effects that I want in it, it was so much fun to play around in Audacity :) Some of it is royalty free but unfortunately not all of it so if my performance gets put up on youtube they'll probably mute the music :/
I got my lenses for Zelda the other day, wigs and petticoats are ordered and we've looked up ears that we want as well! Here's some progress pics taken while working at Josefins place.
Here's the mould for Zeldas crown jewel. I made it in Fimo first, and then pushed it into some kneading silicone(dont know if that's what it's called in english though) to make the mould.
dyeing the epoxy resin to get the right red hue
here's how it looks in the game art
took an unintentional selfie when photographing my first time ever making something in worbla.
rounding the foam edges for my bracelets. The rotary tool produces a lot of foam-dust!
I struggled a lot to fit it on my wrist properly, I've learned to avoid re-heating foam+worbla since the foam shrinks and air bubbles start to pop up everywhere:( But it did end up great though!
Josefin worked on our shoulder pauldrons! We did a lot of other stuff too but I didn't photograph everything. I just don't remember it when I'm in the middle of working ^_^

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