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Me and a friend had a workshop at my place last friday. The friend in question is also making her very first cosplay, Noa from Sky Doll! Here you can read and look at her progress so far. It's very rewarding to have someone close (we attend the same program at Konstfack) that shares your hobby. We can give each other advise, cheer and help each other in the journey to the finished cosplays!
My sewing machine wouldn't work with her fabric so it was hard for her to get anything done. I forgot to take pictures of what she was doing, so unfortunately you can only see my crafts from Friday. Hopefully this was just the first stage of many cozy cosplayworkshops!
I started on the armor parts for the calf and I was finished except for the part at the very bottom that sticks out before the "shoe" begins.
There was a little snag before I got to the right look that also allowed me to move freely.
The foam I purchased are all sorts of different colors, so it will be rainbowAshei before I spraypaint it.
The fur is from an old hat that I bought at a thrift shop. It consisted of these straps soon together. Lucky me cause these straps where just the right size!
Couldn't resist trying it out<3
Right now I'm working on the lower piece of the arm! It'll be fabulooous~

Postat av: Sky Doll Anna

peppa peppa! :D och schysst med lite reklam~ hähä
yeh geeh känns så bra att tjöta med om detta. Vi kommer va snyggast på Närcon i sommar!

Svar: klart det blir lite reklam automatiskt när vi jobbar tillsammans:) Jag tror vi behöver så mycket stöd och tjat och pepp som möjligt, kan inte bli för mycket!

2013-02-09 @ 23:25:52

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