An hour to spare

My everyday life allows not really all that much other than studies, parenting, and of course the most basic needs. I have my tricks to get time for, in this case, my cosplay. I read all of my course books in advance if I can, to have self-study days available for cosplay. Yesterday I used the time available when my kid had fell asleep. It's maybe one, two hours in the evening before I go to bed. If I have prepared everything else such as eating dinner, arranged for tomorrow (be it school, washing time or another), and the like, I can use those hours.
What I did do was some details on the shaft, adjust the fit slightly, and sketch out a bit how it should be.
joint filler is on the way so I can fix joints and other things too. This is what I've enjoyed the most, details!. I of course look forward to painting too!
Today I'm home with the little one, but I've still been able to do one thing, and that is to redraw Asheis shoes. It looks like she has flat shoes but I decided to change them into wedges because I have such big feet. Size 40 with a wierd curve at the front of the shoe would look a little clowny. Getting a bit longer legs using heels isn't all that bad either!

As you can see there isn't much change really, I think even this becomes more similar than if it were flat shoes. The shoes I'm going to have as a base are the black ones in the picture. They are on their way, the last one in my size so I was lucky!
About a week ago I ordered free samples from the site
 Wonderflex WorldI have no experience of the more expensive materials cosplayers use to make armor, weapons and accessories(since this is my first time). In the sample, there were two different thicknesses of Fosshape, and some Wonder Flex. All are thermoplastics and wonderflex can also be glued to itself when it is heat activated. I have not experimented with this yet, but promises to show when I do My Costumes has all sorts of cosplay related things and they also have a larger sample, but it costs 10 euros to order. There, among other testing materials are Worblas finest, Worbla deco art pellets and CobraCast. I'm eager to try it in the future! Right now I feel a little too much like a beginner, and would love to explore the potential of craft foam. So far it all goes well, and with a little sealant to hide seams with, I think you can do almost everything with just craft foam or foam rubber.


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