Just returned after a visit to my old home in Bollnäs. With me, I brought these Triforcemagnets I made as a present for my brother. Nice to be able to make something out of all of that styrene!

Primer problem

A warning for boring and geeky cosplayramble!

All orders I have so far made of paint, foam rubber sheet and other things have gone relatively well. But it seems that I have to give up the idea of using polystyrene to armor parts. The place I ordered from is the only one I found that has such a thin plastic that I need, but my order does not go through and gets interrupted for some reason. Frustrated and disappointed, I try to find other solutions. Thinking of resin, which are two components to mix which then turns into a kind of liquid plastic that you apply, and makes the surface it is applied to durable and very smooth. The problem is that it is not completely safe to work with, toxic crap in other words. Most of all I want to be able to work in my little hobby here at home and not have to own a workshop for it.

After a long time searching on various forums and other things, I found an alternative that feels promising, liquid rubber! The product I thought  I'd try out is
PlastiDip . E.g. it is used on the underside of carpets so that you don't slip on them. I'll use it on craft foam that I have here at home, so it does not crack, but is very flexible. It will probably work great as a primer too, and I can easily cover all parts of it before they bent into the shape they should have! I really hope this will work out, because then I have a durable material without having to cut out all the parts twice, which is the method I was going to use from the beginning. I have already made the parts for the gloves, and I think I'll keep them.
Next weekend it's off to Bollnäs in Hälsingland to greet the family. Obviously I'll take the opportunity to visit the Röda korset and Erikshjälpen there. Very well stocked second hand stores that you always find something at! Above all, they have a lot of fabrics. I hope I can find fabric to Asheis shirt and pants, and maybe Quinas coat. Since my mother is a talented seamstress, she of course owns a lot of clothing patterns that I'll rummage through too.
these are the fabrics I need for ashei. the cuffs with fur that can be glimpsed in the armor for the calves will consist of a butchered fur hat that I bought second hand.
and this is what I need for Quina. The rest of the fabrics I've already purchased. You can see them in this entry.
Thought a lot today about how to get to the particular color of Asheis armor. I would like to try to mix green metallic paint with silver paint and see how the surface is, then maybe go over lightly with silver spray where needed. This thing is of course well into the future, but it's never wrong to plan :)
  It's so fun to think about the fact that my ashei-cosplay is the one I'll compare all of my future costumes with since it is my very first. I'll take advantage of this experience, because you only make your first cosplay once!

Fat-suiting up

 An order is malfunctioning for me and delaying my ashei-making, so I figured I'd make some sketches of Quina instead
I've planned to make a cast of my head to be able to build all this, think it will be somewhat impossible otherwise! If it works, I thought that his/her mouth opens when I lift my head. That would be awesome.
Early planning of what I needed to buy, and a sketch of her(I'll just say her even though it's unclear) fork since all the references of it are so unclear.
This is the pattern for my pretty quina-suit I made today, and thought little more about how to sew it. At first I had not thought of doing an exact body shape but the clothes will fit better then (plus it will be awesome to sew it, almost a sumo costume!)
With the lack of other things to do on ashei I made a very basic upper body copy and a calf copy put of duct tape. I will also do one for my arm. They are a little provisionally filled with a quilt in the picture, but should be properly filled with newsprint later. These I will use to measure and test the armor parts on. A little easier than trying to measure myself!

I looked up some lenses to ashei. I already have a pair of brown lenses but they're not really fit for  photography since my iris and the lens does not melt into each other at all. Here is a picture of them anyway. It's Coco Eye Brown that I purchased from EyeCandysThe problem's not really visible in this photo, but would still like to find a pair that fits into my natural eye color (green) a little better. These lenses I have a pair exactly alike, but pink. They are really comfortable and blends in well. The question is whether I should buy a couple I know is good and blends in well, or if I should take a chance on these that might give me eyes that resembles Asheis more?
Starting to run out of stuff to do now, damn you order, arrive! >.<

How to fake a hard life

Todays project: Asheis belt
Today I went crazy on a new black belt with a grater, utility knife, steel wool, wire dandy and brown color. Now it's bad-ass ravaged by life as mercenary knight in Hyrule.
who could have imagined that there is so much work in getting something to look worn and dirty
happy with the results anyway. A good day's work!
Ordered thinner plastic today, 0.25 mm instead of 3 mm from a good Norwegian site called Absolutt Hobby, so now should the problem of thick plasticbe solved! A lot of craft foam (sheets of thin foam rubber) is also on the way from Skapamer.se. When I get it, I can start with the big parts:D

Polystyreneplastic adventure

Yesterday I went on a shooping spree to purchase a lot of useful stuff for Ashei! Wanted to try to make all armor parts of polystyrene, 3 mm thick. The problem was that the tutorial I've looked at used a much thinner plastic, something I discovered when I got home. After doing almost all parts of the gloves, I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to use something else on the parts that are large, but that the small works just fine to shape over the stove. I tried to make the fork piece for Quina, and it did NOT work.
never heat-shape big chunks of plastic over a stove. It gets ugly, very ugly.
my reference pictures
cutting out pieces for the right glove
before shaping it over the stove
when it goes wrong it really looks bad
knuckles. Polystyreneglue was really good!. This plastic is actually from misoboxes that happened to be made out of thin styrene sheets. Lucky for me since it didn't work with the thick plastic!
making some fancy decorative things with my new glue gun
these babies are going to be painted and fixed, attached to a pair of black gloves and get some details later :)