Fat-suiting up

 An order is malfunctioning for me and delaying my ashei-making, so I figured I'd make some sketches of Quina instead
I've planned to make a cast of my head to be able to build all this, think it will be somewhat impossible otherwise! If it works, I thought that his/her mouth opens when I lift my head. That would be awesome.
Early planning of what I needed to buy, and a sketch of her(I'll just say her even though it's unclear) fork since all the references of it are so unclear.
This is the pattern for my pretty quina-suit I made today, and thought little more about how to sew it. At first I had not thought of doing an exact body shape but the clothes will fit better then (plus it will be awesome to sew it, almost a sumo costume!)
With the lack of other things to do on ashei I made a very basic upper body copy and a calf copy put of duct tape. I will also do one for my arm. They are a little provisionally filled with a quilt in the picture, but should be properly filled with newsprint later. These I will use to measure and test the armor parts on. A little easier than trying to measure myself!

I looked up some lenses to ashei. I already have a pair of brown lenses but they're not really fit for  photography since my iris and the lens does not melt into each other at all. Here is a picture of them anyway. It's Coco Eye Brown that I purchased from EyeCandysThe problem's not really visible in this photo, but would still like to find a pair that fits into my natural eye color (green) a little better. These lenses I have a pair exactly alike, but pink. They are really comfortable and blends in well. The question is whether I should buy a couple I know is good and blends in well, or if I should take a chance on these that might give me eyes that resembles Asheis more?
Starting to run out of stuff to do now, damn you order, arrive! >.<

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