Polystyreneplastic adventure

Yesterday I went on a shooping spree to purchase a lot of useful stuff for Ashei! Wanted to try to make all armor parts of polystyrene, 3 mm thick. The problem was that the tutorial I've looked at used a much thinner plastic, something I discovered when I got home. After doing almost all parts of the gloves, I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to use something else on the parts that are large, but that the small works just fine to shape over the stove. I tried to make the fork piece for Quina, and it did NOT work.
never heat-shape big chunks of plastic over a stove. It gets ugly, very ugly.
my reference pictures
cutting out pieces for the right glove
before shaping it over the stove
when it goes wrong it really looks bad
knuckles. Polystyreneglue was really good!. This plastic is actually from misoboxes that happened to be made out of thin styrene sheets. Lucky for me since it didn't work with the thick plastic!
making some fancy decorative things with my new glue gun
these babies are going to be painted and fixed, attached to a pair of black gloves and get some details later :)

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