Bending foam with wedges

This is a tutorial on the basic techniques I've used to achieve the shapes of some of the armor parts, eg the upper arm piece or the corset. With these simple tricks I think you can do most things in foam that you'd normally do in thermoplastic-materials!
Here's what I used:
målarfog(joint filler) och fogpistol(which you apply it with)
scissors/cutting knife
cutting board
lukewarm water
The things that aren't linked are things I already had at home.
The first thing you need to figure out is how you want the foam to bend,try on a scrap piece to see how long the cut needs to be, how many cuts you need and where they will be on the piece.
draw a line for the cut and use your scissors or cutting knife
by folding out the cut you can see how wide your wedge needs to be. the wider,the more pointy edge you'll get. If you want a softer shape you need many cuts with thin wedges in them. Write down the width at the top of the cut so you have it for later.
take the cuts lenght, and the measurement you just noted and draw a triangle on the foam that the wedge will be in.
cut out the wedges
apply glue on one of the cuts sides(I use super glue)
put in the wedge and apply glue to the remaining side.
As you can see, there's a small space between the thinnest part of the wedge and the cut. This can easily be fixed later with joint filler.
The other wedge was a bit too long, also easily fixed by cutting or sanding the excess away.
I'm sure you could use some kind of nifty tool for this but I like smearing the filler on with the fingers. This is how you can cover up that little hole and the edges that show between wege and cut. You can skip this part if you want too but it gives a nice smooth result.
take som lukewarm water and even out the filler while it's still wet. take some paper and carefully wipe off the escess water
Instead of glueing a wedge in a cut, you can remove pieces of the cut to make a round shape.
measure, draw and cut just like the previous technique
now cut out a triangle shape(just like the wedges look) in the cut
then you glue it together
with a lot of cuts you get a really nice round shape in a material that's not really supposed to get round!
This is how I made the upper arm-piece.
sanding to get excess glue away. That's why I use super glue, you can sand it!
Now you can draw out the shape you want and cut the excess foam. I decided to make a round tip.
on with the filler
By doing separate pieces in these two techniques you can make a lot! It was the talented Henrik Pilerud that adviced me to use joint filler for a flexible putty so go visit him and see how awesome he is!
Now I'll continue at my little station in the sofa, weathering some shoes:)

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