I had some hours alone at home today and got some necessary, but boring things done that mostly involved fitting and the likes. Sewing the pants was a real challenge but a lot of patience and looking at guides helped a lot and now I actually have a pair of pants that I've sewn myself! I didn't have the courage to try to make a zipper closing or button closing so I just took velcro haha!
Anyway, what I've done today is apply the fur to the pants, so now there's just the pretty golden details left!
Bad shot of the pants I know, I thought I'd show how they look on when they're completely finished!
I got some really good advise from my dude on how to make the sweater less warm. Since it's wool it itches as hell(super sensitive to wool) so I have to wear something underneath to not go totally insane when wearing it. The solution was an old shirt of his! But two layers of fabric, one of them being wool is reeeeally warm, so we decided to only have the cotton fabric under the corset and make it look like the wool sweater sticks out at the base of the corset. This way I can be comfortable and true to the character design.
The thing is, by doing this the corset was suddenly too big for me, since I had a thinner fabric underneath. Another thing I discovered when trying the pants and the corset is that the corset is too long, covering the belt and the fancy belt loops I've made! Not good at all. So now I've started to change the corset. As you can see in the picture I've lowered the shelves(left before, right after) and I'll also shorten it in the back and also making it a smaller size.

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