Now that I'm done with a lot of armor pieces I thought I'd show at least one finished piece, If you wanna see the rest you'll have to visit NärCon or wait 'til I post photos after the con!

That said, here's a finished glove! Newbie cosplayer Sabina is extremely proud of herself<3
All the painting was done in this order
  • Silverspray as base
  • purple parts painted in two layers
  • coated everything in two layers of wood glue
  • green and silver paint mixed with water was rubbed on with a small towel
  • white details were painted in two layers
  • Dark brown acrylic colors mixed with a little water was applied on all edges and corners, then scrubbed off with a towel to make the dirt more realistic
  • took the same paint but without water and applied with a small pencil where I wanted to accentuate the dirt
  • white acrylics with water was applied as highlights with a big pencil
  • same white paint was applied with a small pencil where needed.
I've looked at a ton of tutorials and just tried everything so if you have some tips on how to make my painting process more easy, feel free to comment^_^

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