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I'll be honest now and admit how freaking stupid it is of me to choose a cosplay that has PANTS when the only thing I can is to sew zigzag and straight stitch, sew in clothing items that are too big and make other very menial things. I have never sewn a garment from scratch or used a pattern or for that matter constructed a custom pattern. Pretty stupid of me but I love challenges and to learn new useful things! Luckily, I have a mom who works with sewing clothes and other things and can give me a lot of help, and so I acquired the same pattern book that I think both Laxhmi Cosplay and Mitternacht Cosplay uses, correct me if I'm wrong!
With the basic pants pattern in the book and a looot of fabric so I can afford to make mistakes(already done wrong like a hundred times now), I'm working my way to a pair of custom made pants.
I've always wanted to be good at sewing but it has felt so boring since it never really works that well:/
The pattern in the book didn't work at all for my body type so I've redrawn the whole pattern.
Here's the pants! Most of my reference pictures are actually photos of my tv when I'm playing Zelda Twilight Princess. It took me exactly 6,5 hours to get to the point in the game where you meet her. It was wort the time though since I got really good reference material!
I love the fabric, it's perfect!

the backpockets work put the ones on front are fake because it seemed so hard to make real ones. I don't really need working pockets anyway. As long as it looks good it's ok for me:)
I've been looking like crazy for a matching leather string / rope to the corset but have not found anything good, so now it had to be that I crocheted a string which I then colored with diluted acrylic paint. Someday I will find the perfect string / rope and then I can change it. This will have to do so far, lucky to be able to crochet!

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