The finishing touches

I am officially done with the pants!
I'm so ridiculously proud of this. For me it's such an achievement to sew something as difficult as this(at least I think it's difficult) and just let my love for the character drive me to accomplish something I thought I'd fail.
The red fabric sticking out beneath the fur is there for comfort when I wear the leg armour parts:)
I actually ran out of the gold lining and had to visit Sundbybergs Textile Centre again the other day, and it was lucky I did because I found a perfect rope for the corset<3
I have so little left to do now, it almost feels sad, I'll miss working on this costume. It's been the only thing I've done on my free time for almost half a year now. But it's also a start of something I feel that I really want to continue with and I'm looking forward to all the new challenges I'll be facing with new exciting costumes!
Here's a small improvement I did on the sweater, making the lines more prominent. I used a black marker for this.
As I mentioned in my last entry I'm changing the corset. I've shortened it, and what I have left now is to make it a smaller size. Besides changing the corset I'll make the upper arm-piece stick to the sweater with my new best friend: velcro. If it needs even more fixing I'll use the press studs. That's about all I have left to do:D
I got this from my mom, it's so useful!

This is probably my last entry before NärCon, we'll see if I can borrow a computer there and put up photos of my favourite cosplayers and write a bit about my days, If I don't, you can follow me on instagram! my user is sabinamardenkrans :D
I hope to see you guys at NärCon! I'll be cosplaying on Thursday between ~ 6 pm and 9 pm for the photoshoot and of course on the day of the contest, Saturday for as long as I can endure haha! The other days just look for a tall girl with pink bangs and a happy face:D

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