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My perspective on time is like a rollercoaster! Some days I'm really calm and I feel like I'll make it in time and others I'm panicking and giving upXD Even though I've worked with this since November last year I still haven't had that much time. I can only work after 9 pm every day, and during the hour my son is napping.So I'm stressing out a bit right now. I haven't sewn the pants yet but I did try the pattern I have as a base in the cotton fabric. Everything was way off and I realixe that my body is totally unproportional. Wide hips and thin long legs is a wierd combination. Iäve modified the pattern a bit and will try it out tonight.

I took some photos while doing the fixing for the leg armor. Here I used velcro mostly attached with contact glue since fabric+fabric doesn't really work with superglue.
this part is attached to the rest with a piece of fabric as a sort of hinge.
Here's how it looks on the inside. The fabric is just an old cotton t-shirt.
I won't show more than this. Come visit me at NärCon  to see how it looks!:D
Here's the hairspray that i mentioned in the last entry that Mitternacht Cosplay uses.
It work really well but it smells like a bad perfume :/
the wig is styled! I just need to adjust the bangs a bit lower on the con. I'll solve the problem with the hair sticking out by coloring it with hair chalk
now to the fun part, I did a makeuptest! I need to cover up the eyebrows some more but overall I'm pleased^_^ The bangs are a bit too high up though.
The first time covering up my eyebrows and using lower fake lashes

I took some tips from Jaroukasamas tutorial, she's great at cosplay makeup!

Postat av: Linnéa Karlsson

Alltså guuuud vad bra det blir...! Du är ju till och med ansiktslik, såg direkt att det var Ashei! Hårsprejen luktar bajs haha </3

Svar: Åh tycker du? :D Jag tror det är de ledsna ögonen som är lite lika^^ Haha ja, vi får går unt och lukta tant tillsammans </3

2013-07-12 @ 17:53:17
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