After a months "vacation" in the form of studying to get my drivers license, I'm now at home again working on Ashei. I passed the tests and it's now officially confirmed that me and some friends will rent a car and drive to NärCon with me at the wheel. It'll be so much more comfortable than trying to get all armour parts packed and transported on a bus or train. I really look forward to our little roadtrip to Linköping:)
I got home yesterday but I've managed to do a lot anyway! Now I'll put in the high gear and work my ass off to make it until 25th of july
Attached all armor parts to the glove. Glue gun is too hot, and superglue makes the fabric break(and burns as well) so I used contact glue for this.
Ready for weathering! Here you can see the pink parts on the hand, looks a bit off
With and without flash, first stage if weathering and highlights.I used acrylics in Burnt Umbefor this. The pic with flash shows the difference between before green hue and after since the blade is still silver^_^ I'm really glad I managed to get that green shimmer!
Since I got the question how I made the corset bend to my body I'll put up a little tutorial later tonight:)

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