Yesterday I spent eight and a half hours in the school's sculpture studio to make a copy in plaster of my bust(from the shoulders and up).I'll use it for all sorts of things! Wig styling, building Quinas head, making Asheis headdress and collar as well as being narcissistic and look at myself every day.  I can not say enough how incredibly happy I am that I go to Konstfack; University college of arts crafts and design. All the cool workshops that you can use and all materials can be purchased on the spot! Of course you can do this at home too, as long as you protects your home from all the plaster and make sure to have all the tools at home that you need.
I'd booked a table for yesterday and today. Did not think I'd have to go there today but it all took longer than I thought.
My wonderful classmates who helped me! They did almost everything because I could just sit there and become smeared with alginate and plaster.
After covering my hair with plastic and smearing Vaseline all over my face we started applying alginate. Alginate is what dentists use to make casts of teeth, it brings up exact details!
Took a photo down the finished cast before we poured in the plaster, scary!
I do not know if this is actually called Mayo or if it's just a nickname because it looks like mayonnaise, but it was what we used to lubricate the mold with as the cast would come off later anyways. This can easily replaced with Helosan or Vaseline eg Something fat that does not destroy alginate or plaster!
I have no clue what this machine is called but it vibrates so that all the air in the plaster when you pour it into the mold bubbles up, super practical! If you don't own one of these, you tap the mold until it stops coming up bubbles.
We had made a far too thick form, but rather that than too thin so it breaks when you pour in the plaster! We worked like animals my little clone out.
Besides that it was a little crooked, I'm super happy! .
Since these photos were taken yesterday, I've put putty on all the cracks and the like and sanded away imperfections, so now it's drying. I'll probably get it tomorrow so I can make Asheis collar and headdress! If there is anyone who is interested in doing one of these and want to know more exactly step by step how it was made, there are many tutorials on the internet for this. This was the first time I did it and I'd probably have done many things differently if I did it again.

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