Finally I'm done with all parts of the armor for my ashei cosplay besides the corset! Have not yet decided if I want to wait until I've sewn the sweater and pants. It can probably work out anyways, because I know how high I want the pants and how thick the sweater will be.
Here are swatches of the fabrics I will use. I love the gray ribbing, it will be absolutely perfect!
Asheis headdress was the easiest to make! I heat molded it pn the plaster busts head with a hairdryer
I thought the collar would also be easy to do, but was very complicated to get into just because I have a lot of slope on my shoulders. The trapezius muscle is very prominent on me. It's sad when your physical body makes it difficult:(
Looks awful right now with all the small pieces and different colored craft foam pieces, but it will be not visible when the paint comes on, luckily.
As you can see my collar's not nearly as far out on the shoulders like hers, but I simply could not figure out how I would do it on my wacky sloping shoulders.
One thing I discovered when I worked at the collar and headdress was the hair. I've been planning to tint my hair black, and use black extensions that I already had at home to make Asheis hairstyle, but when I looked closely at the example in this picture, I saw that she has short hair in the back! Since I do not have the urge to cut my hair the plans got changed.
I found a nice long lace front wig at
Arda Wigs I thought could work for her hair. Lace front means that the hairline at the forehead and the ears looks more real, so no seam on the wig appears when the hair is set. Yet something new to learn, wig styling and cutting wigs!

The next step is therefore either to make the last armor part, style wig, or start sewing.
Probably it will be so that I order the fabrics next week. The lenses must be purchased and if I can afford it may also be so that I order the wig :)

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