With the lack of a better title, Work In Progress.
I haven't finished anything this week, but a little more detail on the calves have popped up,and I've also started on the upper arm-piece and the shoes!
Got besides shoes, a skin-colored silicone plug for my ear piercing so that it doesn't show.. Now you might be thinking "but is it really necessary?" YES! I'm a perfectionist :D

Making armorpattern is tough but also very rewarding when the ideas work in practice. Here you can see my arm in duct tape in the background, and a template for a part of the upper arm. It will have to be made in several parts then combined into one.
I truly believe that when you work with a material that isn't supposed to, as here, be rounded, you learn so much more. It's time consuming and it will only be good if I'm super picky. Should be fun to see if this will work!
I choose to only show very little of all the trouble I've had making the shoes. So hard to get it the way I wanted, but now it's shaping up. In this picture, I was unhappy with the toe, so it has been replaced in the next pictures.
As you can see, it is taped here and there because I do not want to glue the pieces to the shoes before I've painted them. Where it is tape on the purple parts and just below, I'll attach maybe velcro or some buttons to be able to get my foot in without a problem.
The only details I have so far been able to do.

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