After I got my joint filler I have finally been able to putty all the unsightly joints and be done with the armor for the forearms and left upper arm, calves, and shoes. This leaves headdress, collar and corset. I need to wait to make the corset because I need the clothes sewn to see how it will fit. I will start on the collar and headpiece next week when I will have a copy of myself in plaster from the shoulders upwards to try them on! Tomorrow I set off to my nice school and make a cast with the help of my friends. I will be able to shape the collar and headdress for ashei, but above all build Quinas head on it! I think the latter would be amost impossible otherwise.
More on this tomorrow.
Here are some pictures of some of the parts that are ready for PlastiDip spray and then painting!
the light gray parts that look a bit gritty, is the joint filler. It will be nice to not have all the wacky colors when they're finally painted.

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