Assembling and painting

I got some eyelets at the Sundbybergs textile Centre. The first try on the scrap foam was perfect. I got extremely frustrated because when I tried doing it on the corset I got it wrong not one, not two but SEVEN times! I finally got it right and with a bit of glue and jpint filler I managed to save it.
 I don't have a proper ribbon for it but here's how the lacing looks like. It took a while to figure out how to do it/ girl who can't even tie a regular bow.
my "purple" metallic paint I'd bought showed up pink on the styrene parts, but on the foam ones it looks good. We'll see how I'll fix that later.
This is how it looks on foam
Painted all backside for more durability and in case it shows when I move.
The base-shoes have been painted grey and the underside will be as well after I've evened out the edges. Then I'll add some layers wood glue.
This is how her headdress is attached, three combs on the inside. Worked better than I thought it would!
Now I'll keep on working with the shoes, Bye!

SNES and spraypaint

Since you can borrow a lot of cool workshops and space there I spent most of the day at my school. This time it was the "spray box" I borrowed, a room for spraying three dimensional objects.So now everything has 4-5 base coats of PlastiDip spray and one layer of silver, all ready for the final touches! I thought I'd show some progress I've made since the last entry.
Some changes on her sword that made a big difference!
The blade of the sword is never shown in the game but I really love when there's pictures or text engraved in blades so of course my Ashei will have that! So now her name is engraved in hylian text on the blade:) I discovered that as long as you ventilate a lot and use a fan to direct the fumes out the window, you can engrave in foam with a (I don't really know if it's called this in english) focal pen. You know that tool woth a wire at the end that gets really warm and then you can make marks in wood? That thing.
in my institutions little kitchen I sat down next to the scary wobbly microwave-tower
I'd bought one of my latest purchases, a usb controller that looks like the ones on SNES! Now I can maximize my emulatorgaming. The day consisted of  Star Ocean with a classmate as company and the occasional runs down to the spray box for another coating
Liquitex spraypaints have really nice coverage and has almost no smell since its acrylic based!
Sadly I should have bought another can, so now the corset is the ususal stinky spray:/
The PlastiDip spray seems to have worked in getting the foam more durable but it was really hard to tell since I bought the transparent one, should have bought a colored! So, all of you who are thinking of trying this out, buy colored PlastiDip and use about 4-5 coats for a good result.
It's the annual spring exhibition this week at Konstfack which I didn't consider, so in the midst of all the high class art critics and general well-dressed public I ran around in my work clothes and mask haha!
This will be the last time I show this much of the armor. I'll of course show a little bit of the painting but not all parts, I want to save it for NärCons cosplaycontest. Of course I'll show pictures after the convention!

Asheis sword

Asheis sword is in my opinion, incredibly boring in comparison with her nice outfit in general. It is not translating very well to reality and I'm looking to add some little things to make it fit better in with the armor and look a little more finished. Please come with suggestions on how I can, and if I should change it! Thinking of maybe adding dots to the handle and carve a little squiggles on the blade. You never get to see how it looks in the game but I think it would fit :)
some measures and ideas
my boring swordsheath was made with a flattened out paper pipe as a base,covered with maskingtape and jpint filler.
The red is foam from a camping mattress
Two foampieces glued on a steel bar.
I tried shaping the piece below the handle with an iron and it worked wonders! Of course I had a towel in between and the iron set on the lowest temperature
The two heat shaped pieces glued together into this pretty shape! I exagerated it a bit to fit with the rest.
Here you can see the size in comparison to the sheath
Now to the problem, my nipper could not handle the rod and the options are to buy a tool that can snip it, or test my engraving pens saw. Had not this messed up the sword would've been done now:( The knob at the top of the handle is done but I can not attach it until I've cut off what is left of the bar. Sucks.
Besides the sword I've done a lot on the wig and I'm started to feel done with it! The only thing missing is a really good hairspray.
I'm very happy that I've taken her weird hairdo and made it seem realistic
The partings in her hair are really hard to fix so I did these little braids instead, I actually like this more!
Sadly the wigs lace didn't go as long as it needed to. As you can see there's a big gap from the ear to the wig and some har at my temples.I don't really know how to fix it. I'll probably get some hair mascara or something and cover it up.
As I wrote earlier my fabric order got cancelled and I went off to Sundbybergs Textile Centre to find a replacement.
I found everything I needed! Things like zippers or buttons I'll get later when I know how I want to do. I bought the lining, a gold textile pencil and the two buttons she has at the front of the pants. Det översta tyget är ett enkelt bomullstygThe fabric on the top is a simple cotton fabric that I'll test my pattern on and the darker one under it is the actual fabric.I bought so much that I can make a LOT of mistakes haha!
I love these buttons with the swirls~


The corset is now ready for coating, I've sewn the sweater and started with the sword! Everything is going according to plan and I thought I'd just show some progress pics. After I've painted the pieces I wonät show that much since I want it to be a secret until NärCon!
Here's when I've started on the sides. I've made the corset follow my body by sticking in little pieces of craft foam in seams where I want it to curve.
Here I've attached the back piece and started on what I call the "boob shelves" hahaha!
Evened out with joint filler.
thinner craft foam for details
Here's how the backside looks, but I've fixed some minor things after this pic was taken.
Details, looks like moustaches again!
All the details attached
The sweater I've changed(since I never received my order of fabric) looked like this before.
You'll see how it turned out later
I sowed it all by hand
Here are the colors I've bought. Spray can is silver which will be the base coating, then I bought a small jar with silver and green that I will mix and try to get the green shimmering effect with. Found a perfect metallic purple to and I bought a little white to the few parts that are white :)
I still need to make the sword but I'm still not sure how I'll do it because I do not have access to a wood workshop. It's such a thin sword that I do not really know how I'll do it if it is not made of wood. Maybe a thin steady pipe as a base for the foam so it doesn't wobble?
I hope you are as stoked as I am to see how the end result will be of all this, I can not wait!