Assembling and painting

I got some eyelets at the Sundbybergs textile Centre. The first try on the scrap foam was perfect. I got extremely frustrated because when I tried doing it on the corset I got it wrong not one, not two but SEVEN times! I finally got it right and with a bit of glue and jpint filler I managed to save it.
 I don't have a proper ribbon for it but here's how the lacing looks like. It took a while to figure out how to do it/ girl who can't even tie a regular bow.
my "purple" metallic paint I'd bought showed up pink on the styrene parts, but on the foam ones it looks good. We'll see how I'll fix that later.
This is how it looks on foam
Painted all backside for more durability and in case it shows when I move.
The base-shoes have been painted grey and the underside will be as well after I've evened out the edges. Then I'll add some layers wood glue.
This is how her headdress is attached, three combs on the inside. Worked better than I thought it would!
Now I'll keep on working with the shoes, Bye!

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