The corset is now ready for coating, I've sewn the sweater and started with the sword! Everything is going according to plan and I thought I'd just show some progress pics. After I've painted the pieces I wonät show that much since I want it to be a secret until NärCon!
Here's when I've started on the sides. I've made the corset follow my body by sticking in little pieces of craft foam in seams where I want it to curve.
Here I've attached the back piece and started on what I call the "boob shelves" hahaha!
Evened out with joint filler.
thinner craft foam for details
Here's how the backside looks, but I've fixed some minor things after this pic was taken.
Details, looks like moustaches again!
All the details attached
The sweater I've changed(since I never received my order of fabric) looked like this before.
You'll see how it turned out later
I sowed it all by hand
Here are the colors I've bought. Spray can is silver which will be the base coating, then I bought a small jar with silver and green that I will mix and try to get the green shimmering effect with. Found a perfect metallic purple to and I bought a little white to the few parts that are white :)
I still need to make the sword but I'm still not sure how I'll do it because I do not have access to a wood workshop. It's such a thin sword that I do not really know how I'll do it if it is not made of wood. Maybe a thin steady pipe as a base for the foam so it doesn't wobble?
I hope you are as stoked as I am to see how the end result will be of all this, I can not wait!

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