Confusion & Gamex 2013

Since I worked almost all of Confusion I don't really have any photos or the likes to share with you, but I did get interviewed by the local news(even though they only used a small part of it) while wearing my Hajime cosplay. I was supposed to cosplay with Sabina Mangal as O.D. but unfortunately she couldn't come to Confusion so I only wore it for a couple of hours the first day.
click on the image to go to the article
The article is AWFUL. The one who wrote it has totally misunderstood cosplay and conventions as a phenomenon. They seem to believe that Yohio is a cosplayer(?) and that he is some kind of ambassador for all things Japan in Sweden.
I quote "The interest is called japanese popculture and has become more and more popular since the singer Yohio won Melodifestivalen last year"
They literally asked me "Why are you doing this? Do you go around like this on a normal day? Why not when you've spent so much time on it??" And they didn't seem to listen to my answers. I said that it's about craftmanship and to be able to honour your favourite character and the game/movie/series- creator. The ultimate homage so to speak.
Anyway, I had a pleasant time and I was runner up at the Confusions got talent-competition :)
I was one of the three winners at the cosplay competition! I still can't believe it<3 It felt awesome to get some recognition for my work. I normally don't like competitions since there is one who is supposed to be "the best" even though there are so many who has made something amazing, and that's why I liked how Gamex did. They had three winners, and we all received the same prize with no first, second and third place. Just three winners! Isn't that awesome? I know the other two that won and they really deserved it. The other two were Sedra who won with her Neo Cortex cosplay from Crash Bandicoot and Henrik Pilerud  with his Space marine power armor from Warhammer 40k!
There were so many who recognised me in comparison to the few that did at Närcon this year. I got interviewed twice after the competition so I hope I can find it and share it with you soon!
I had such a great time and met old and new friends and I tried a lot of Indie games which was one of the things I looked forward to the most.
Here's some photos taken at the competition by Shila Forsman:
we had so little time to pose so I could only go up, take the yetihead off, and be on my way again:/
Getting called up on stage:3 
my bangs were all over the place when I took the Yeti-head off!
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography
I tried to improve the makeup for Ashei this time, and I photographed it step by step.
First photo is only circle lenses and covered up eyebrows, then I started to add shadow, highlights, eyeshadow, details and lashes.
sorry that some of the photos are a bit blurry, they weren't until I made a gif out of them :/
Here's a comparison shot with my "normal" makeup(after a long day at Gamex) to the left and Ashei to the right!
I worked a lot with the shape of my face, especially the nose and the eyes.
Thanks to everyone who came up to me at Gamex with wonderful words of encouragement and praise, it made my day<3

Postat av: Sanna

Hej, det var jag som pratade om Grandia med dig. XD Det var trevligt att prata även om det var väldigt kort. ^^ Jag glömde ju säga att jag verkligen tycker om din Ashei cosplay, så himla välgjord o kul att du gjorde Yeti dräkten också. Klart du förtjänar vinna pris då! Ser framemot framtida projekt. :D

Svar: Hej! Vad kul att du gillar min Ashei, hon och de andra i the resistance förtjänar mer uppmärksamhet som karaktärer tycker jag:D Jag jobbar på med min Quina Quen och sen får vi se vad det blir för projekt:)

Postat av: Joppe

Wow vad roligt att du fick pris! Väl förtjänt!! :D Kram!

Svar: Hihihi tack finaste Joppe(du är så gullig som kommenterar med det namnet<3) Kram!

2013-11-04 @ 18:04:30

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