KultCon 2013

Hi! It's almost been a month since the last time I updated and there's lots of fun things happening right now that I want to share.
KultCon 2013 was last weekend, 22nd-24th november. I had planned to just go there and hang out with my friends, play video games and enjoy the cosplay show from the audience.
The cosplay show at KultCon had a new addition to it, Performance! This is common in many other countries but apparently we've never really hade that kind of competition here in Sweden except for the big Championships such as Cosplay SM and Nordic Cosplay Championship. Since I think it's awesome that KultCon wants to make this kind of competition part of their cosplay show, I wanted to help. They needed more participants for it and I decided to reinact a scene from Gatchaman CROWDS, using my Hajime Ichinose-cosplay that I'd only used for like two hours at this years Confusion. I joined the regular show, got my picture taken at the studio and chatted a lot with the other cosplayers. I had NO expectation what so ever that I'd win anything. I just wanted to support KultCon.
I didn't take any pictures but there's lots of photos at Martin Becks facebook page and Artano Photography.
A photo from the studio! Photographer: Mattias "Artano" Persson
I was shocked when I got the message stating I was nominated for a price. I thought maybe I had won the category for best craftmanship or likeness because that was the two things the jury had mentioned when I talked to them. As all other category-winners had been called up on stage there was only one left; Best Cosplay. I was so god damn shocked to win! A character from a series that no one except me and one of the judges had seen won! This gives me a spot at the Swedish Cosplay Championship, Cosplay SM that will be held 2015. I really loved doing a performance so it feels awesome to have a whole year to plan one!
Of course, I'll be competing with Quina Quen. It's a perfect character to do a performance with and it's also an interesting costume that few has made. I hope I'll see you all there! :D
 I have a photoshoot planned for next Wednesday, so I'll probably post the photos here at the end of next week.
I'm not only working on Quina. I really want to do Charlotte from the Berserk movies but I feel that I need some more experience before making that cosplay since it involves a lot of sewing, that I still feel kind of insecure about. Fortunately, my cute friend Josefin wants me to cosplay Zelda, with her as Hilda from The legend of Zelda: A link between worlds! 
We'll be sharing all the work on these two since we want them to look like a pair. I'm looking forward to this so much! It feels like a good way to learn some more sewing. I'll try resin cast for the first time as well which is needed in a lot of cosplays I want to make in the future, such as Charlottes crown and necklace.

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