Winter is coming


My Ashei is in serious need of her yeti-suit now that winter is coming here in Sweden so I've decided to wear it for Gamex like I mentioned in an earlier post:) Since I STILL have craft foam sheets left I used that to make the base for the head and also the "face" of the yeti.
After this step I forgot to take pictures of the face unfortunately, but I assembled all the pieces of the face and used my wood burning-tool to create texture and details, it worked really well and I'm surprised that you don't see more of that technique! I highly recommend it :)
here's the finished painted piece.
with flash. I love doing the painting! You can achieve really nice effects if it's done properly ^__^
Attached it to the base and cut out holes so I can see(at least a little)
I found a really thorough tutorial on how to install fans inside helmets. Since I plan on doing that for Quina I decided to try it out on the yeti mask!  Here I've also started attaching fur as you can see.
A little mohawk-thing going on. My cat Elvis in the background is a bit scared of the yeti :(
Needs a haircut!
Here's how it looks in the game.
After I cut the fur. I still need to cut it a bit but first I want to attach the patched piece hanging down the front and the stitches on top of the head.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately.
If you're visiting Confusion in Gothenburg this weekend, come find me! I'll be Hajime on Friday from about 12am-7pm and on Saturday with The Sabi as O.D-sama until 2 pm :D
On Sunday I'll be participating in Confusions got talent. Since I love to sing I'll perform one of my favourite Naruto Shippuuden openings, Closer.
Hope to see you there!

Quinas head

I've experimented a lot with the materials I have at home. Here I tried changing the texture of craft foam with pyrography using a poker(wood burning tool) I will absolutely use this technique If I ever want something to look like reptileskin, leatherwork or wood!
Another material that has been lying around at home since this summer is Worbla. Wherever I turn on forums and facebookpages that is about cosplay people seem to think that just by using this material everything will be perfect. Why doesn't people want to try a lot of different materials to see what suits them/the costume the most? I think many buy it and have really high expectations just to realize that they've wasted money on something that they could've replaced with something much cheaper.
Oh well, I'm just a beginner myself and have no experience with it. Therefore I bought it to try it out! I'll be using it to make the outer shell of Quinas face. The uneven surface of it is suitable for her/his skin and the shape of the head is round, a shape I've come to understand is easiest to make with Worbla, since it stretches.
Today I tried which materials I'm using for Quina that Worbla glues onto without any adhesive. I'm posting it here. Maybe it'll be of some help:)
It didn't glue very well at all onto the plastic pipes I'll be using for the body construction, but it did glue well onto;
-Plain craft foam the basic material that I've seen being used all the time with Worbla. I wanted to see just how well it sticks to it. You can rip it off but it takes some force. Leaves no traces of foam on the Worbla surface.
-Craft foam with a layer of woodglue same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. When I ripped it off, some of the glue stayed on the Worbla but I think it wouldn't have done that if the glue had dried overnight.
-Craft foam with a layer of joint filler same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. All of the joint filler stayed on the Worbla surface when I ripped it off which proves that it sticks better to Worbla than Craft foam. Really want to try Worbla+Joint filler a bit more! Maybe it can be used to even out the surface of Worbla instead of glue/gesso etc.
I bought a helmet that I'll use as a base for Quinas head. It was a helmet used when horseback riding, I cut off the bill/visor (don't know which term is the right one) and a piece in the neck so I can bend my head back more.
I made a pattern from a BIG plastic bowl we have at home. It's the perfect size for Quinas head, I'll also use it for shaping the Worbla. Here I have cut out all the patternpieces in craft foam.
I glued all the pieces together with superglue and some pieces with hot glue. I wanted to use superglue on all of them but apparently, if there's ProMarkers on a surface, the glue wont dry:( so remember that people; some ink makes superglue(such as Loctite) not glue tohether your pieces!

After putting them all together, I took some matress-foam and glued it onto the helmet since the craft foam-helmet I'd made is bigger than the one I bought. Afterwards I applied two layers of wood glue to make it more stiff.
After some measuring and sketching I roughly marked out where the eyes will be. I also noticed when checking my references that I need to add some more mattressfoam to the back of it but other than that, it turned out really well!
Obviously, I still need the lower jaw, but since I want to be able to open the mouth I need to try some of my theories a bit more so I don't put a lot of work into it just to notice that it doesn't look good/open properly. I won't bother trying to explain my ideas now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)
So, trying my ideas for real is the next step. I won't bother trying to explain what I want to do now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)

Big project

Quina is getting some well needed attention now! I've got all important references and sketches up on the wall and I think I've figured out everything concerning construction and soldering(I'm putting in fans so I don't die on there XD) And it is indeed a big project, both in the cosplays size and the work to make this a reality.
I'm thinking it won't take as long as Ashei(6 months) but you never know!
I've just finished fixing up my little craft room, now I don't have to put away my work at the end of the day!

I needed something to put my costume on when working with it so I came up with this really creepy thing that now stands in the middle of the room. My hips and shoulders are marked out with some paper pipe I found at home. That way I can get a better ifea of how I need to construct it to make the proportions right.
A sketch on how the head'll be built.
I'll be making the head first, because it's the part that would be hardest to change if I don't get it right. By starting with it I can adjust the body to fit the heads size. i think I've actually come up with a way to open the mouth! I'll show you more when I start on the actual building.
Here's the new bird-hairpin I made for Hahime since the other one just disappeared.

The weekend will be one long cosplay workshop for me, yay! Look forward to some serious progress~