Big project

Quina is getting some well needed attention now! I've got all important references and sketches up on the wall and I think I've figured out everything concerning construction and soldering(I'm putting in fans so I don't die on there XD) And it is indeed a big project, both in the cosplays size and the work to make this a reality.
I'm thinking it won't take as long as Ashei(6 months) but you never know!
I've just finished fixing up my little craft room, now I don't have to put away my work at the end of the day!

I needed something to put my costume on when working with it so I came up with this really creepy thing that now stands in the middle of the room. My hips and shoulders are marked out with some paper pipe I found at home. That way I can get a better ifea of how I need to construct it to make the proportions right.
A sketch on how the head'll be built.
I'll be making the head first, because it's the part that would be hardest to change if I don't get it right. By starting with it I can adjust the body to fit the heads size. i think I've actually come up with a way to open the mouth! I'll show you more when I start on the actual building.
Here's the new bird-hairpin I made for Hahime since the other one just disappeared.

The weekend will be one long cosplay workshop for me, yay! Look forward to some serious progress~

Postat av: Lars

Haha! Kommer att bli episkt tror jag.(+___+)

2013-10-07 @ 22:49:37

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