Quinas head

I've experimented a lot with the materials I have at home. Here I tried changing the texture of craft foam with pyrography using a poker(wood burning tool) I will absolutely use this technique If I ever want something to look like reptileskin, leatherwork or wood!
Another material that has been lying around at home since this summer is Worbla. Wherever I turn on forums and facebookpages that is about cosplay people seem to think that just by using this material everything will be perfect. Why doesn't people want to try a lot of different materials to see what suits them/the costume the most? I think many buy it and have really high expectations just to realize that they've wasted money on something that they could've replaced with something much cheaper.
Oh well, I'm just a beginner myself and have no experience with it. Therefore I bought it to try it out! I'll be using it to make the outer shell of Quinas face. The uneven surface of it is suitable for her/his skin and the shape of the head is round, a shape I've come to understand is easiest to make with Worbla, since it stretches.
Today I tried which materials I'm using for Quina that Worbla glues onto without any adhesive. I'm posting it here. Maybe it'll be of some help:)
It didn't glue very well at all onto the plastic pipes I'll be using for the body construction, but it did glue well onto;
-Plain craft foam the basic material that I've seen being used all the time with Worbla. I wanted to see just how well it sticks to it. You can rip it off but it takes some force. Leaves no traces of foam on the Worbla surface.
-Craft foam with a layer of woodglue same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. When I ripped it off, some of the glue stayed on the Worbla but I think it wouldn't have done that if the glue had dried overnight.
-Craft foam with a layer of joint filler same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. All of the joint filler stayed on the Worbla surface when I ripped it off which proves that it sticks better to Worbla than Craft foam. Really want to try Worbla+Joint filler a bit more! Maybe it can be used to even out the surface of Worbla instead of glue/gesso etc.
I bought a helmet that I'll use as a base for Quinas head. It was a helmet used when horseback riding, I cut off the bill/visor (don't know which term is the right one) and a piece in the neck so I can bend my head back more.
I made a pattern from a BIG plastic bowl we have at home. It's the perfect size for Quinas head, I'll also use it for shaping the Worbla. Here I have cut out all the patternpieces in craft foam.
I glued all the pieces together with superglue and some pieces with hot glue. I wanted to use superglue on all of them but apparently, if there's ProMarkers on a surface, the glue wont dry:( so remember that people; some ink makes superglue(such as Loctite) not glue tohether your pieces!

After putting them all together, I took some matress-foam and glued it onto the helmet since the craft foam-helmet I'd made is bigger than the one I bought. Afterwards I applied two layers of wood glue to make it more stiff.
After some measuring and sketching I roughly marked out where the eyes will be. I also noticed when checking my references that I need to add some more mattressfoam to the back of it but other than that, it turned out really well!
Obviously, I still need the lower jaw, but since I want to be able to open the mouth I need to try some of my theories a bit more so I don't put a lot of work into it just to notice that it doesn't look good/open properly. I won't bother trying to explain my ideas now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)
So, trying my ideas for real is the next step. I won't bother trying to explain what I want to do now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)

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