Winter is coming


My Ashei is in serious need of her yeti-suit now that winter is coming here in Sweden so I've decided to wear it for Gamex like I mentioned in an earlier post:) Since I STILL have craft foam sheets left I used that to make the base for the head and also the "face" of the yeti.
After this step I forgot to take pictures of the face unfortunately, but I assembled all the pieces of the face and used my wood burning-tool to create texture and details, it worked really well and I'm surprised that you don't see more of that technique! I highly recommend it :)
here's the finished painted piece.
with flash. I love doing the painting! You can achieve really nice effects if it's done properly ^__^
Attached it to the base and cut out holes so I can see(at least a little)
I found a really thorough tutorial on how to install fans inside helmets. Since I plan on doing that for Quina I decided to try it out on the yeti mask!  Here I've also started attaching fur as you can see.
A little mohawk-thing going on. My cat Elvis in the background is a bit scared of the yeti :(
Needs a haircut!
Here's how it looks in the game.
After I cut the fur. I still need to cut it a bit but first I want to attach the patched piece hanging down the front and the stitches on top of the head.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately.
If you're visiting Confusion in Gothenburg this weekend, come find me! I'll be Hajime on Friday from about 12am-7pm and on Saturday with The Sabi as O.D-sama until 2 pm :D
On Sunday I'll be participating in Confusions got talent. Since I love to sing I'll perform one of my favourite Naruto Shippuuden openings, Closer.
Hope to see you there!

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