After a very productive weekend at Josefins place I made a tulle-skirt and the note for Hajime.
I've also, as you might have already guessed, done a makeuptest! I look photoshopped but I promise, I'm not! I've just bought some things from a new line of make up that photographs really well^_^ The wig I ordered was too short and the wrong color so this is just one I had at home. It's not heat resistant and it's shiny as hell when you use a flash :(
The little bird she has in her hair has flown away. I have absolutely no idea where it went, so I'll have to make a new one. Other than that and the faulty wig I'm done with Hajime! Here's some more pics~
It looked so sharp on the camera screen and now I see that the focus is on my hair instead of the eyes XD
Anyway, I'm very happy with the lenses since Hajimes eyes are like light grey/brown, it was hard to find lenses that looked like that.
I'm so pleased with the note! I found the perfect grey book to have as a base for it at a local store:)
It was the first time making a tulle-skirt for me, Josefin helped me a lot, I'd never have finished it that fast if she hadn't ^_^
I was so happy today when I found out that Sabina wanted to cosplay as O.D with me!! She's perfect for it and we'll take lots of awesome photos at Confusion <3


I don't really have the time for a longer post, but here's the backpack finished:3
So cute and ugly at the same time<3 It's a bit unevenly packed in the pictures, I'll stuff more things in it at the con!
I'm really happy with the way it turned out, considering that I didn't have a pattern or experience with how to make bags. The eyes are made out of craft foam that were cut and sewn onto the bag.

School girl

Hi everyone! I've ordered a wig and lenses, and gotten a lot done that I thought I'd show you:)
Here's the finished skirt and blouse on. It's a bit wrinkly where the zipper is but that's just because i didn't pull the skirt down far enough, it turned out really cute! Just need to buy some tulle to get Hajimes signature POOF :D
I inserted my first zipper ever! I followed a Craftsy-tutorial called Mastering Zipper techniques with Sunni Standing, which by the way has a really helpful site on sewing ^_^
I inserted it wrong like 3 times but I'm still impressed by how easy it actually is when you get the hang of it:)
Yesterday I started on the backpack when me and Laxhmi had a little workshop at my place, she's working on an amazing Alichino-dress! Visit her fb-page for progress and the likes:)

We didn't get a lot done and mostly talked haha! But I continued after she left and finished all the pieces and now I just need to sew them all together. Here's some progress pictures!
I didn't have a pattern or a bag to look at so I just made it all from scratch by looking at the pictures and trying things to understand how it should be put together. I really like the yellow and black shoulder straps!
Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend or the beginning of next week:D


Making a duckbeak because...cosplay XD
4-5 layers of woodglue, 2 layers of acrylic paint and two clear coats later I have a duckbeak for Hajimes backpack!
I left the back untreated so that I can adhese it to the foampiece I'll sew on to the backpack.
the little bird she has in her hair! I just cut it out of a white plastic lid.
I'll glue it onto a hairpin but I want to wait until I have the wig finished. Never know what kind of pin I'll need:)
Another finished item is the blouse. As I mentioned in my last entry I bought a blouse in a local store.
I'm kind of bad at sewing so I made it easy for me by first cutting the collar on the blouse in the shape I needed the black one to be, then I could just grab my seam ripper and detach the collar. It then worked as a pattern for the black one I made using 3 layers of vlieseline and the black cotton fabric I'll be using for the skirt. The collar isn't round and smooth at all but it's the best I could manage.
As long as you don't get as close as this, you won't notice the uneven collar with the wig covering up most of it.
Finished! It needs some serious ironing though...
On Wednesday it's cosplay workshop at my place with Laxhmi! Hopefully I'll get a lot done that day:)