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Hi everyone! I've ordered a wig and lenses, and gotten a lot done that I thought I'd show you:)
Here's the finished skirt and blouse on. It's a bit wrinkly where the zipper is but that's just because i didn't pull the skirt down far enough, it turned out really cute! Just need to buy some tulle to get Hajimes signature POOF :D
I inserted my first zipper ever! I followed a Craftsy-tutorial called Mastering Zipper techniques with Sunni Standing, which by the way has a really helpful site on sewing ^_^
I inserted it wrong like 3 times but I'm still impressed by how easy it actually is when you get the hang of it:)
Yesterday I started on the backpack when me and Laxhmi had a little workshop at my place, she's working on an amazing Alichino-dress! Visit her fb-page for progress and the likes:)

We didn't get a lot done and mostly talked haha! But I continued after she left and finished all the pieces and now I just need to sew them all together. Here's some progress pictures!
I didn't have a pattern or a bag to look at so I just made it all from scratch by looking at the pictures and trying things to understand how it should be put together. I really like the yellow and black shoulder straps!
Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend or the beginning of next week:D

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