Feeling proud and grateful!

One of my favourites from the Ashei shoot
I have some new followers on facebook, and especially to them: Hello everyone! Good to have you here and I hope you'll like my future projects as well <3
As some of you may have seen, the photos from my Ashei shoot with Shila is up at her page and on my cosplay page. I am so pleased with the results, Shila is so talented! 4 of them were shared on Zelda Informer and I've also seen some of them showing up on cosplay blogs and pages dedicated to game cosplay or the Zelda series:D To get this much attention for my first cosplay was not something I expected and it feels kind of surreal and I'm very happy to see that there are many who love Ashei as much as I do ^_^
I'm also very proud to tell you that I am now part of the NärCon crew, working as their Likabehandlingsansvarig. I can't really translate it well, but it means that I will be handling everything that has to do with equal rights, working pre-emptively to make sure everyone can attend and work at NärCon without getting harassed or treated differently because of sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, appearances and so on. This feels like such an important job and I will do my best to make sure I do it properly:D
It was quite some time since I last put up any progress photos of Quina, so here you go!
I chose a top layer of Worbla instead of PlastiDip this time to get a hard durable shell and the possibility to manipulate the surface like I have here around the eye sockets.
I realized later that I wanted them bigger, and went through a long frustrating process of changing the eye sockets with a knife, my rotary tool ans scrap pieces of Worbla.
The lower jaw, made in the most common way to use Worbla: Craft foam sandwiched in between two layers.
Sculpting the eyes in paper clay
The moulds weren't perfect because I didn't use enough silicone, so it was messy to say the least.
Even though it doesn't look very neat, it works! Here's before the lacquer.
It was the first time I worked with LED obviously since Ashei or Hajime didn't need lighting, and I felt like a frikkin' wizard when I turned it on and it's actually glowing<3
Here's how it looks when it's in the socket.
As you can see I have started the long process of primeing the surface.
I didn't have the thicker type of Gesso at home, so I experimented a bit with putty and gesso mixed together and it worked just fine! I know people who've tried this with wood glue + putty and that apparently works too^_^


School is taking up a lot of my free time, but I'm working as much as I can on Quina! I will not upload a lot of progress pictures since I want it to be debuted at Cosplay SM first hand.
About my previous post: I've finally managed to order stuff from CDON in denmark thanks to Henrik, and I hope the complications are over now:/
I hope you haven't missed that I've had a shoot with my Hajime cosplay? You can see the rest of them at my fb-page:)
I like the contrast between the bag and the wall <3
Here's an extra one that I haven't put up anywhere else, just to make up for this boring post haha!
I think I captured her grumpy-face :3