Gamex cosplay competition

I've been wanting to write about this for quite some time now but I've waited until it was (almost) sorted out.
At the Gamex cosplay competition, me, Sedra and Pileruds cosplay won a gift card for CDON. We were told that they hadn't been able to fix it so that we could get it at the prize ceremony but that we'd get it after the event was over. Over 2 months later we still hadn't recieved our prizes even though we had contacted both the one in charge of the competition, Gamex, and CDON. Empty promises and claims that they'd already sent it made us a bit irritated, to say the least. When we, after having to send our contact information again, actually recieve the gift cards they can only be used on the danish CDON-site, and the things you order can only be sent to a danish adress. I am so very disappointed in Gamex, and the ones responsible for this mess. If you win a competition, you shouldn't have to nag until you get your prize two months later. You shouldn't have to know someone in Denmark, and a Swedish competition should have prizes that can be used IN SWEDEN.
It's sad that my first experience of winning a contest only made me irritated and unmotivated to compete in the future. The fact that they aren't fixing this, that we haven't gotten an official apology and that we have to clean this shit up ourselves is whats bothering me the most, not that I can't redeem my prize.
Fellow cosplayers that plan on entering Gamex cosplay competition in the future, now you know how bad it's being handled. You've been warned.
Update: Apparently this person will be working with cosplay at Dreamhack Winter and Komplett as well.

Postat av: Hanna

Trodde det var professionella personer som jobbade med Gamex- Det där är det värsta jag hört!

Svar: Jag tvivlar inte på att det är professionella människor, det sköttes bara inte bra med just priserna:/

2014-01-18 @ 11:19:55
Postat av: kim

Jag vill se din källa för att den ansvariga person från tävlingen ska jobba på dreamhack vinter om nästan ett år och komplett. Låter som du ljuger.

Svar: Vad skulle jag tjäna på att ljuga? Det står på hans personliga facebook sida. Vem som helst kan läsa det där.

2014-01-18 @ 13:28:39
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