Närcon STHLM and photoshoot

Närcon STHLM
Närcon STHLM was a lot of fun! It didn't really feel like a convention though. I was there all days except the last one. The best thing with this convention weekend was all the long talks I had with friends. I have the best friends ever<3 I think that you should always nurture and value friendship:)
Another great thing was that outside the convention, you could try out Roller Derby and it was SO MUCH FUN! I hadn't gone rollerskating in 17 years so me and my friend(who had never tried it before) were like Bambi on ice haha!
The cosplay competition had many talented cosplayers that I hadn't seen before, but sadly not that many participants. The ones that won deserved to win, although I had hoped to see Laxhmi win best cosplay and also that Roxana got a prize. Oh well, it was fun to watch anyways! If you want to see some photos from the competition and the rest of the convention, you can visit Närcons flickr site.
What I had been most psyched about was Cosplay SM that was held at Sunday. Not only to see all the performances but also seeing what it is I'll be participating in next year. My friend Josefin was one of the participants and she had asked me to draw the tattoos for her GW2 Norn Necromancer cosplay. Unfortunately we got home soooo late on Saturday(actually, it was already Sunday by then) so by the time we were done with her tattoos there was only two hours left to sleep.
Here are the tattoos. We didn't do any on the arms and I also simplified the one on the back since the clothes covered up almost all of it anyways.
took about three hours I think.
Here's a backstage photo before the competition. We were happy and psyched even though we only had slept two hours! The photographer Shila Forsman took some photos of the competitors and assistents and they are just so awesome, I love backstage-photos <3 You can see them here.
Here's a photo on stage where you can see the tattoo on the front as well! So pretty <3

It was amazing to see all the performances. Wish I could say which one I liked the best but everyone was so frikkin cool. I did like Martinas and Mirandas performances the most, but which one that was my favourite cosplay, no idea! So many cool techniques and characters. Impossible to choose! The winners were:
1. Martina as Female Monk from Diablo III
2. Linn as Lightning from Final Fantasy: Lightning returns
3. Josefin as Norn Necromancer from Guild Wars II
After seeing this years SM, I'm looking forward even more to when I'm up there on stage myself<3
My first cosplay photoshoot
I've been waiting for the snow here in Sweden so that I could shoot my Ashei cosplay in the right environment. Normally we have snow from november to mars but it was just a couple of days ago that we got snow that actually lasted more than a day! After Närcon this summer, I saw that someone had taken a really pretty photo of me up on the stage. It was Shila Forsman! I contacted her afterwards to see if there was a possibility that she wanted to shoot my Ashei. She accepted and now we finally had the chance to get out in the beautiful snowy landscape at Ulriksdal castle to get some awesome photos.
Sedra was so helpful as my assistent, getting me dressed and carrying things when we were out<3 thank you so much!
I've already gotten one photo from the shoot that I thought I could share with you! I'll post the rest on my fb-page when I get them:)
I can't wait to see the rest!
little zoom in on my eye make-up that I'm very proud of :>
By the way, I originally got an account on Ask to follow others, but if you want you're welcome to ask me stuff there!

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