Plans for 2014

Here are the three cosplays I want to finish this year. Two princesses and a frog-eating monster <3
Charlotte, from Berserk (movie version)
Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Quina, from Final Fantasy IX
Hope you had a lovely New Years Eve^_^ mine was a quiet gamer night with my fiance, playing the last bit of Bioshock Infinite. While watching the game I got some work done:)
figuring out how the jewels in Charlottes crown look and how the necklace will be up close.
here's the only decent reference picture of the necklace I've managed to find, so I had to sketch it up to understand how it looks
Here's my interpretation of it. Now, on to the sculpting!
first I sculpted it in Cernit
Then I made a mold of it
I tried doing a cast in alginate, but it was too small so it didn't work very well. I wanted to shrink the necklace a bit and since alginate shrinks when it dries, you can get an exact copy up to half the size of your original!
Since my alginate casts didn't work I just accepted that it will be a liiitle bit big, and cast it in resin when I had my batches ready for the jewels on her crown(hence the red tone) This is immediately after I popped it out of the mold, and I'm super happy with the results! Can't wait to paint this!
Here's 3 of the 16 jewels on her crown. I sculpted three jewels and made 16 unique molds in kneading silicone for the resin. Now they just need some gloss to make them all sparkly like Charlottes :> Oh and the one in the front needs to be painted pearl white as well!

Aside from this, I had an urge to draw, so I pulled out one of my dream cosplays, Opera Vectra from Star Ocean: The 2nd story and sketched up some things that are impossible to see how they fully look like in the pictures of her:)
Here's the best reference I have of her. There are some photos from Blue Sphere and the anime, but I don't like the style of them:/
Her arm thingy. and some ideas on how to fasten it on my arm.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately:)
I'll be at NärCon: Stockholm this weekend so come say hi!

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