There's so many cosplays I want to do, my future cosplays-album on facebook is just growing! I've had a lot in school and with NärCon lately and that's why I haven't updated on my progress for some time.
That said, have some Quina!

After completely smoothing out the worbla texture with the primer, I took a large sponge stippler with white acrylic paint on it to make the surface a bit more organic, skin-like. It needs one more layer of it though.
Bought some white tunnel piercings for the hinges in the jaw, drilled holes and screwed them on.
Can't wait to put the head on when it's finished<3
Also worked a bit on the bib, but nothing worth showing really.
For my swedish readers:
I will be talking about Cosplay is not consent and other equality-topics on Sen kväll med NärCon sunday the 30th this month! So if you have any questions about that, tune in to the live stream and ask me and Samuel:)
I will post the link to the event when it comes up ^_^
UPDATE: Here's the link to the live stream :) 

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Jag har lite svårt att greppa detta må jag säga =)

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