The finishing touches

I am officially done with the pants!
I'm so ridiculously proud of this. For me it's such an achievement to sew something as difficult as this(at least I think it's difficult) and just let my love for the character drive me to accomplish something I thought I'd fail.
The red fabric sticking out beneath the fur is there for comfort when I wear the leg armour parts:)
I actually ran out of the gold lining and had to visit Sundbybergs Textile Centre again the other day, and it was lucky I did because I found a perfect rope for the corset<3
I have so little left to do now, it almost feels sad, I'll miss working on this costume. It's been the only thing I've done on my free time for almost half a year now. But it's also a start of something I feel that I really want to continue with and I'm looking forward to all the new challenges I'll be facing with new exciting costumes!
Here's a small improvement I did on the sweater, making the lines more prominent. I used a black marker for this.
As I mentioned in my last entry I'm changing the corset. I've shortened it, and what I have left now is to make it a smaller size. Besides changing the corset I'll make the upper arm-piece stick to the sweater with my new best friend: velcro. If it needs even more fixing I'll use the press studs. That's about all I have left to do:D
I got this from my mom, it's so useful!

This is probably my last entry before NärCon, we'll see if I can borrow a computer there and put up photos of my favourite cosplayers and write a bit about my days, If I don't, you can follow me on instagram! my user is sabinamardenkrans :D
I hope to see you guys at NärCon! I'll be cosplaying on Thursday between ~ 6 pm and 9 pm for the photoshoot and of course on the day of the contest, Saturday for as long as I can endure haha! The other days just look for a tall girl with pink bangs and a happy face:D


I had some hours alone at home today and got some necessary, but boring things done that mostly involved fitting and the likes. Sewing the pants was a real challenge but a lot of patience and looking at guides helped a lot and now I actually have a pair of pants that I've sewn myself! I didn't have the courage to try to make a zipper closing or button closing so I just took velcro haha!
Anyway, what I've done today is apply the fur to the pants, so now there's just the pretty golden details left!
Bad shot of the pants I know, I thought I'd show how they look on when they're completely finished!
I got some really good advise from my dude on how to make the sweater less warm. Since it's wool it itches as hell(super sensitive to wool) so I have to wear something underneath to not go totally insane when wearing it. The solution was an old shirt of his! But two layers of fabric, one of them being wool is reeeeally warm, so we decided to only have the cotton fabric under the corset and make it look like the wool sweater sticks out at the base of the corset. This way I can be comfortable and true to the character design.
The thing is, by doing this the corset was suddenly too big for me, since I had a thinner fabric underneath. Another thing I discovered when trying the pants and the corset is that the corset is too long, covering the belt and the fancy belt loops I've made! Not good at all. So now I've started to change the corset. As you can see in the picture I've lowered the shelves(left before, right after) and I'll also shorten it in the back and also making it a smaller size.


As you might have noticed, I've made some changes here! I've decided to change the language now to english since I've gotten some international readers(not many but hey, it's easier this way)
I still have to translate the buttons on the right side of the page and in my entries so there's still some work left. I'm going to focus on sewing the pants now and fix the rest on the blog tomorrow.
update: Now I'm finished with all the changes! The blog adress is still "" and I don't really know how to change that, and also the archive months are in swedish but I think people understand it anyway. If someone knows how to change these things feel free to share^_^

Pattern construction

I'll be honest now and admit how freaking stupid it is of me to choose a cosplay that has PANTS when the only thing I can is to sew zigzag and straight stitch, sew in clothing items that are too big and make other very menial things. I have never sewn a garment from scratch or used a pattern or for that matter constructed a custom pattern. Pretty stupid of me but I love challenges and to learn new useful things! Luckily, I have a mom who works with sewing clothes and other things and can give me a lot of help, and so I acquired the same pattern book that I think both Laxhmi Cosplay and Mitternacht Cosplay uses, correct me if I'm wrong!
With the basic pants pattern in the book and a looot of fabric so I can afford to make mistakes(already done wrong like a hundred times now), I'm working my way to a pair of custom made pants.
I've always wanted to be good at sewing but it has felt so boring since it never really works that well:/
The pattern in the book didn't work at all for my body type so I've redrawn the whole pattern.
Here's the pants! Most of my reference pictures are actually photos of my tv when I'm playing Zelda Twilight Princess. It took me exactly 6,5 hours to get to the point in the game where you meet her. It was wort the time though since I got really good reference material!
I love the fabric, it's perfect!

the backpockets work put the ones on front are fake because it seemed so hard to make real ones. I don't really need working pockets anyway. As long as it looks good it's ok for me:)
I've been looking like crazy for a matching leather string / rope to the corset but have not found anything good, so now it had to be that I crocheted a string which I then colored with diluted acrylic paint. Someday I will find the perfect string / rope and then I can change it. This will have to do so far, lucky to be able to crochet!

Up & Down

My perspective on time is like a rollercoaster! Some days I'm really calm and I feel like I'll make it in time and others I'm panicking and giving upXD Even though I've worked with this since November last year I still haven't had that much time. I can only work after 9 pm every day, and during the hour my son is napping.So I'm stressing out a bit right now. I haven't sewn the pants yet but I did try the pattern I have as a base in the cotton fabric. Everything was way off and I realixe that my body is totally unproportional. Wide hips and thin long legs is a wierd combination. Iäve modified the pattern a bit and will try it out tonight.

I took some photos while doing the fixing for the leg armor. Here I used velcro mostly attached with contact glue since fabric+fabric doesn't really work with superglue.
this part is attached to the rest with a piece of fabric as a sort of hinge.
Here's how it looks on the inside. The fabric is just an old cotton t-shirt.
I won't show more than this. Come visit me at NärCon  to see how it looks!:D
Here's the hairspray that i mentioned in the last entry that Mitternacht Cosplay uses.
It work really well but it smells like a bad perfume :/
the wig is styled! I just need to adjust the bangs a bit lower on the con. I'll solve the problem with the hair sticking out by coloring it with hair chalk
now to the fun part, I did a makeuptest! I need to cover up the eyebrows some more but overall I'm pleased^_^ The bangs are a bit too high up though.
The first time covering up my eyebrows and using lower fake lashes

I took some tips from Jaroukasamas tutorial, she's great at cosplay makeup!

Practical solutions

This is the only thing I've had a hard time finding tutorials on. How do you best make an armor stay on the body?
I decided to try some of my own ideas: velcro and snap fastener/press stud

What I've done so far is the fixing for the shoes and the neck armor.
I used some old brown fabric I had at home, secured the edges with wood glue and used superglue to attach it to the armor.
Here's how the shoes looks open(left) and closed(right). I need this little contraption to get the shoes on and off.
Tonight I'll fix all the parts that needs velcro(armor for the calves) and maybe style my wig with the hairspray that  Mitternacht Cosplay suggested!


Now that I'm done with a lot of armor pieces I thought I'd show at least one finished piece, If you wanna see the rest you'll have to visit NärCon or wait 'til I post photos after the con!

That said, here's a finished glove! Newbie cosplayer Sabina is extremely proud of herself<3
All the painting was done in this order
  • Silverspray as base
  • purple parts painted in two layers
  • coated everything in two layers of wood glue
  • green and silver paint mixed with water was rubbed on with a small towel
  • white details were painted in two layers
  • Dark brown acrylic colors mixed with a little water was applied on all edges and corners, then scrubbed off with a towel to make the dirt more realistic
  • took the same paint but without water and applied with a small pencil where I wanted to accentuate the dirt
  • white acrylics with water was applied as highlights with a big pencil
  • same white paint was applied with a small pencil where needed.
I've looked at a ton of tutorials and just tried everything so if you have some tips on how to make my painting process more easy, feel free to comment^_^

Bending foam with wedges

This is a tutorial on the basic techniques I've used to achieve the shapes of some of the armor parts, eg the upper arm piece or the corset. With these simple tricks I think you can do most things in foam that you'd normally do in thermoplastic-materials!
Here's what I used:
målarfog(joint filler) och fogpistol(which you apply it with)
scissors/cutting knife
cutting board
lukewarm water
The things that aren't linked are things I already had at home.
The first thing you need to figure out is how you want the foam to bend,try on a scrap piece to see how long the cut needs to be, how many cuts you need and where they will be on the piece.
draw a line for the cut and use your scissors or cutting knife
by folding out the cut you can see how wide your wedge needs to be. the wider,the more pointy edge you'll get. If you want a softer shape you need many cuts with thin wedges in them. Write down the width at the top of the cut so you have it for later.
take the cuts lenght, and the measurement you just noted and draw a triangle on the foam that the wedge will be in.
cut out the wedges
apply glue on one of the cuts sides(I use super glue)
put in the wedge and apply glue to the remaining side.
As you can see, there's a small space between the thinnest part of the wedge and the cut. This can easily be fixed later with joint filler.
The other wedge was a bit too long, also easily fixed by cutting or sanding the excess away.
I'm sure you could use some kind of nifty tool for this but I like smearing the filler on with the fingers. This is how you can cover up that little hole and the edges that show between wege and cut. You can skip this part if you want too but it gives a nice smooth result.
take som lukewarm water and even out the filler while it's still wet. take some paper and carefully wipe off the escess water
Instead of glueing a wedge in a cut, you can remove pieces of the cut to make a round shape.
measure, draw and cut just like the previous technique
now cut out a triangle shape(just like the wedges look) in the cut
then you glue it together
with a lot of cuts you get a really nice round shape in a material that's not really supposed to get round!
This is how I made the upper arm-piece.
sanding to get excess glue away. That's why I use super glue, you can sand it!
Now you can draw out the shape you want and cut the excess foam. I decided to make a round tip.
on with the filler
By doing separate pieces in these two techniques you can make a lot! It was the talented Henrik Pilerud that adviced me to use joint filler for a flexible putty so go visit him and see how awesome he is!
Now I'll continue at my little station in the sofa, weathering some shoes:)


After a months "vacation" in the form of studying to get my drivers license, I'm now at home again working on Ashei. I passed the tests and it's now officially confirmed that me and some friends will rent a car and drive to NärCon with me at the wheel. It'll be so much more comfortable than trying to get all armour parts packed and transported on a bus or train. I really look forward to our little roadtrip to Linköping:)
I got home yesterday but I've managed to do a lot anyway! Now I'll put in the high gear and work my ass off to make it until 25th of july
Attached all armor parts to the glove. Glue gun is too hot, and superglue makes the fabric break(and burns as well) so I used contact glue for this.
Ready for weathering! Here you can see the pink parts on the hand, looks a bit off
With and without flash, first stage if weathering and highlights.I used acrylics in Burnt Umbefor this. The pic with flash shows the difference between before green hue and after since the blade is still silver^_^ I'm really glad I managed to get that green shimmer!
Since I got the question how I made the corset bend to my body I'll put up a little tutorial later tonight:)

Assembling and painting

I got some eyelets at the Sundbybergs textile Centre. The first try on the scrap foam was perfect. I got extremely frustrated because when I tried doing it on the corset I got it wrong not one, not two but SEVEN times! I finally got it right and with a bit of glue and jpint filler I managed to save it.
 I don't have a proper ribbon for it but here's how the lacing looks like. It took a while to figure out how to do it/ girl who can't even tie a regular bow.
my "purple" metallic paint I'd bought showed up pink on the styrene parts, but on the foam ones it looks good. We'll see how I'll fix that later.
This is how it looks on foam
Painted all backside for more durability and in case it shows when I move.
The base-shoes have been painted grey and the underside will be as well after I've evened out the edges. Then I'll add some layers wood glue.
This is how her headdress is attached, three combs on the inside. Worked better than I thought it would!
Now I'll keep on working with the shoes, Bye!

SNES and spraypaint

Since you can borrow a lot of cool workshops and space there I spent most of the day at my school. This time it was the "spray box" I borrowed, a room for spraying three dimensional objects.So now everything has 4-5 base coats of PlastiDip spray and one layer of silver, all ready for the final touches! I thought I'd show some progress I've made since the last entry.
Some changes on her sword that made a big difference!
The blade of the sword is never shown in the game but I really love when there's pictures or text engraved in blades so of course my Ashei will have that! So now her name is engraved in hylian text on the blade:) I discovered that as long as you ventilate a lot and use a fan to direct the fumes out the window, you can engrave in foam with a (I don't really know if it's called this in english) focal pen. You know that tool woth a wire at the end that gets really warm and then you can make marks in wood? That thing.
in my institutions little kitchen I sat down next to the scary wobbly microwave-tower
I'd bought one of my latest purchases, a usb controller that looks like the ones on SNES! Now I can maximize my emulatorgaming. The day consisted of  Star Ocean with a classmate as company and the occasional runs down to the spray box for another coating
Liquitex spraypaints have really nice coverage and has almost no smell since its acrylic based!
Sadly I should have bought another can, so now the corset is the ususal stinky spray:/
The PlastiDip spray seems to have worked in getting the foam more durable but it was really hard to tell since I bought the transparent one, should have bought a colored! So, all of you who are thinking of trying this out, buy colored PlastiDip and use about 4-5 coats for a good result.
It's the annual spring exhibition this week at Konstfack which I didn't consider, so in the midst of all the high class art critics and general well-dressed public I ran around in my work clothes and mask haha!
This will be the last time I show this much of the armor. I'll of course show a little bit of the painting but not all parts, I want to save it for NärCons cosplaycontest. Of course I'll show pictures after the convention!

Asheis sword

Asheis sword is in my opinion, incredibly boring in comparison with her nice outfit in general. It is not translating very well to reality and I'm looking to add some little things to make it fit better in with the armor and look a little more finished. Please come with suggestions on how I can, and if I should change it! Thinking of maybe adding dots to the handle and carve a little squiggles on the blade. You never get to see how it looks in the game but I think it would fit :)
some measures and ideas
my boring swordsheath was made with a flattened out paper pipe as a base,covered with maskingtape and jpint filler.
The red is foam from a camping mattress
Two foampieces glued on a steel bar.
I tried shaping the piece below the handle with an iron and it worked wonders! Of course I had a towel in between and the iron set on the lowest temperature
The two heat shaped pieces glued together into this pretty shape! I exagerated it a bit to fit with the rest.
Here you can see the size in comparison to the sheath
Now to the problem, my nipper could not handle the rod and the options are to buy a tool that can snip it, or test my engraving pens saw. Had not this messed up the sword would've been done now:( The knob at the top of the handle is done but I can not attach it until I've cut off what is left of the bar. Sucks.
Besides the sword I've done a lot on the wig and I'm started to feel done with it! The only thing missing is a really good hairspray.
I'm very happy that I've taken her weird hairdo and made it seem realistic
The partings in her hair are really hard to fix so I did these little braids instead, I actually like this more!
Sadly the wigs lace didn't go as long as it needed to. As you can see there's a big gap from the ear to the wig and some har at my temples.I don't really know how to fix it. I'll probably get some hair mascara or something and cover it up.
As I wrote earlier my fabric order got cancelled and I went off to Sundbybergs Textile Centre to find a replacement.
I found everything I needed! Things like zippers or buttons I'll get later when I know how I want to do. I bought the lining, a gold textile pencil and the two buttons she has at the front of the pants. Det översta tyget är ett enkelt bomullstygThe fabric on the top is a simple cotton fabric that I'll test my pattern on and the darker one under it is the actual fabric.I bought so much that I can make a LOT of mistakes haha!
I love these buttons with the swirls~


The corset is now ready for coating, I've sewn the sweater and started with the sword! Everything is going according to plan and I thought I'd just show some progress pics. After I've painted the pieces I wonät show that much since I want it to be a secret until NärCon!
Here's when I've started on the sides. I've made the corset follow my body by sticking in little pieces of craft foam in seams where I want it to curve.
Here I've attached the back piece and started on what I call the "boob shelves" hahaha!
Evened out with joint filler.
thinner craft foam for details
Here's how the backside looks, but I've fixed some minor things after this pic was taken.
Details, looks like moustaches again!
All the details attached
The sweater I've changed(since I never received my order of fabric) looked like this before.
You'll see how it turned out later
I sowed it all by hand
Here are the colors I've bought. Spray can is silver which will be the base coating, then I bought a small jar with silver and green that I will mix and try to get the green shimmering effect with. Found a perfect metallic purple to and I bought a little white to the few parts that are white :)
I still need to make the sword but I'm still not sure how I'll do it because I do not have access to a wood workshop. It's such a thin sword that I do not really know how I'll do it if it is not made of wood. Maybe a thin steady pipe as a base for the foam so it doesn't wobble?
I hope you are as stoked as I am to see how the end result will be of all this, I can not wait!

Let's roll!

As you may know, there have been strikes at DHL. A few days ago I received an email that my order of fabric was sent back and I got the money back. I guess this is due to the strike and I will unfortunately have to search at retailers here in Stockholm. Too bad because I really found the perfect fabric! I have already tried both Tygverket stores with no results and plan to visit Sundbybergs Textile Centre next week. The gray ribbing seems quite hopeless to find but I have an old knitted hoodie here at home that I thought I could use. Hopefully I can find dark red trouser fabric at Textile Centre. Keep your fingers crossed readers!
Something, however, that I received without a fuzz was the wig I'd ordered from Arda Wigs! Here you can see how it looked before I started fiddling with it.
I have'nt gotten much done yet since I need to get myself a wig head to pin it properly, but I have atleast planned in detail how I should go about to style it.
Sketched the hairdo from different angles to get a better understanding of it.
Tested first to use a portion of the wig hair to form bangs, but it was no good since the roots of the wig is treated to give volume to the hair. It is thus superfrizzy.
And yes, I have painted the bust yellow(didn't have any white at home) So he plaster doesn't get on the wig.

I had black clip ons at home that I could use to make the bangs instead.
It is real hair and was therefore very easy to cut nicely.
What I've had time to do after this photo was to cut short at the back of the head and distribute what should be the hair on the sides. I really like the lace front! I will take some detailed pictures later when I start to get a little more done with the wig :)

I've recieved my lenses as well, They're Dueba DM-23 Chocolate and they're ordered from Pinky Paradise. Usually I shop from EyeCandys but they din't have the green lenses I also wanted.
Right without, left with lens.
The picture doesn't do them justice, they look a lot more brown when ypu look at them in daylight. In consideration that I have green eyes I think these lenses blend in really well! That being said I'm very pleased with them!
At my school there's a lot of awesome workstations that makes my crafting-spirit dazzle with wonder! I haven't gotten access to that many places yet except for the place where I made my bust.To Plasti-Dip coat and spraypaint my armour I'll book a room in school especially for that purpose. It's well ventilated and is optimized for spraypainting! Last week I found out that school is closing for a while over the summer! I felt a little stressed to get everything done. Therefore I've started with my nemesis, the corset.
here's my reference
Started out with 4 hours of planning, sketching and fitting and was finally done with a pattern.
I've partially had a real corset pattern at hand to understand how they're made and what you have to think about.
Here's all of my scrap pieces of foam, I've saved it all!
sometimes it's better to use an unexpected material, like a lid for a glassjar!

this part fits really well!
On monday I think I'll attend a cosplay workshop outside of Uppsala. I might make Asheis sword, or just have fun with a new material:) I'll make sure to document it!


Finally I'm done with all parts of the armor for my ashei cosplay besides the corset! Have not yet decided if I want to wait until I've sewn the sweater and pants. It can probably work out anyways, because I know how high I want the pants and how thick the sweater will be.
Here are swatches of the fabrics I will use. I love the gray ribbing, it will be absolutely perfect!
Asheis headdress was the easiest to make! I heat molded it pn the plaster busts head with a hairdryer
I thought the collar would also be easy to do, but was very complicated to get into just because I have a lot of slope on my shoulders. The trapezius muscle is very prominent on me. It's sad when your physical body makes it difficult:(
Looks awful right now with all the small pieces and different colored craft foam pieces, but it will be not visible when the paint comes on, luckily.
As you can see my collar's not nearly as far out on the shoulders like hers, but I simply could not figure out how I would do it on my wacky sloping shoulders.
One thing I discovered when I worked at the collar and headdress was the hair. I've been planning to tint my hair black, and use black extensions that I already had at home to make Asheis hairstyle, but when I looked closely at the example in this picture, I saw that she has short hair in the back! Since I do not have the urge to cut my hair the plans got changed.
I found a nice long lace front wig at
Arda Wigs I thought could work for her hair. Lace front means that the hairline at the forehead and the ears looks more real, so no seam on the wig appears when the hair is set. Yet something new to learn, wig styling and cutting wigs!

The next step is therefore either to make the last armor part, style wig, or start sewing.
Probably it will be so that I order the fabrics next week. The lenses must be purchased and if I can afford it may also be so that I order the wig :)


Yesterday I spent eight and a half hours in the school's sculpture studio to make a copy in plaster of my bust(from the shoulders and up).I'll use it for all sorts of things! Wig styling, building Quinas head, making Asheis headdress and collar as well as being narcissistic and look at myself every day.  I can not say enough how incredibly happy I am that I go to Konstfack; University college of arts crafts and design. All the cool workshops that you can use and all materials can be purchased on the spot! Of course you can do this at home too, as long as you protects your home from all the plaster and make sure to have all the tools at home that you need.
I'd booked a table for yesterday and today. Did not think I'd have to go there today but it all took longer than I thought.
My wonderful classmates who helped me! They did almost everything because I could just sit there and become smeared with alginate and plaster.
After covering my hair with plastic and smearing Vaseline all over my face we started applying alginate. Alginate is what dentists use to make casts of teeth, it brings up exact details!
Took a photo down the finished cast before we poured in the plaster, scary!
I do not know if this is actually called Mayo or if it's just a nickname because it looks like mayonnaise, but it was what we used to lubricate the mold with as the cast would come off later anyways. This can easily replaced with Helosan or Vaseline eg Something fat that does not destroy alginate or plaster!
I have no clue what this machine is called but it vibrates so that all the air in the plaster when you pour it into the mold bubbles up, super practical! If you don't own one of these, you tap the mold until it stops coming up bubbles.
We had made a far too thick form, but rather that than too thin so it breaks when you pour in the plaster! We worked like animals my little clone out.
Besides that it was a little crooked, I'm super happy! .
Since these photos were taken yesterday, I've put putty on all the cracks and the like and sanded away imperfections, so now it's drying. I'll probably get it tomorrow so I can make Asheis collar and headdress! If there is anyone who is interested in doing one of these and want to know more exactly step by step how it was made, there are many tutorials on the internet for this. This was the first time I did it and I'd probably have done many things differently if I did it again.


After I got my joint filler I have finally been able to putty all the unsightly joints and be done with the armor for the forearms and left upper arm, calves, and shoes. This leaves headdress, collar and corset. I need to wait to make the corset because I need the clothes sewn to see how it will fit. I will start on the collar and headpiece next week when I will have a copy of myself in plaster from the shoulders upwards to try them on! Tomorrow I set off to my nice school and make a cast with the help of my friends. I will be able to shape the collar and headdress for ashei, but above all build Quinas head on it! I think the latter would be amost impossible otherwise.
More on this tomorrow.
Here are some pictures of some of the parts that are ready for PlastiDip spray and then painting!
the light gray parts that look a bit gritty, is the joint filler. It will be nice to not have all the wacky colors when they're finally painted.


With the lack of a better title, Work In Progress.
I haven't finished anything this week, but a little more detail on the calves have popped up,and I've also started on the upper arm-piece and the shoes!
Got besides shoes, a skin-colored silicone plug for my ear piercing so that it doesn't show.. Now you might be thinking "but is it really necessary?" YES! I'm a perfectionist :D

Making armorpattern is tough but also very rewarding when the ideas work in practice. Here you can see my arm in duct tape in the background, and a template for a part of the upper arm. It will have to be made in several parts then combined into one.
I truly believe that when you work with a material that isn't supposed to, as here, be rounded, you learn so much more. It's time consuming and it will only be good if I'm super picky. Should be fun to see if this will work!
I choose to only show very little of all the trouble I've had making the shoes. So hard to get it the way I wanted, but now it's shaping up. In this picture, I was unhappy with the toe, so it has been replaced in the next pictures.
As you can see, it is taped here and there because I do not want to glue the pieces to the shoes before I've painted them. Where it is tape on the purple parts and just below, I'll attach maybe velcro or some buttons to be able to get my foot in without a problem.
The only details I have so far been able to do.

An hour to spare

My everyday life allows not really all that much other than studies, parenting, and of course the most basic needs. I have my tricks to get time for, in this case, my cosplay. I read all of my course books in advance if I can, to have self-study days available for cosplay. Yesterday I used the time available when my kid had fell asleep. It's maybe one, two hours in the evening before I go to bed. If I have prepared everything else such as eating dinner, arranged for tomorrow (be it school, washing time or another), and the like, I can use those hours.
What I did do was some details on the shaft, adjust the fit slightly, and sketch out a bit how it should be.
joint filler is on the way so I can fix joints and other things too. This is what I've enjoyed the most, details!. I of course look forward to painting too!
Today I'm home with the little one, but I've still been able to do one thing, and that is to redraw Asheis shoes. It looks like she has flat shoes but I decided to change them into wedges because I have such big feet. Size 40 with a wierd curve at the front of the shoe would look a little clowny. Getting a bit longer legs using heels isn't all that bad either!

As you can see there isn't much change really, I think even this becomes more similar than if it were flat shoes. The shoes I'm going to have as a base are the black ones in the picture. They are on their way, the last one in my size so I was lucky!
About a week ago I ordered free samples from the site
 Wonderflex WorldI have no experience of the more expensive materials cosplayers use to make armor, weapons and accessories(since this is my first time). In the sample, there were two different thicknesses of Fosshape, and some Wonder Flex. All are thermoplastics and wonderflex can also be glued to itself when it is heat activated. I have not experimented with this yet, but promises to show when I do My Costumes has all sorts of cosplay related things and they also have a larger sample, but it costs 10 euros to order. There, among other testing materials are Worblas finest, Worbla deco art pellets and CobraCast. I'm eager to try it in the future! Right now I feel a little too much like a beginner, and would love to explore the potential of craft foam. So far it all goes well, and with a little sealant to hide seams with, I think you can do almost everything with just craft foam or foam rubber.


Cosplay workshop II

Hi! Two day workshop with Anna and two other classmates just passed. Thought I'd start by showing what I had made before these days.
Forearm Armor of craft foam, a little piece from a camping mattress, insulation strip and a lot of glue, of course.
I'm not very happy with how they look, where the larger part meets the slightly smaller but sanding and smoothing should probably fix that.

Tried to calm my concerns about the corset part. Ashei has much higher bosom and longer waist than me, so in the absence of other things to do, I made a drawing of my body shape, and then drew on the corset tailored to my body. Little details disappear unfortunately because they do not fit. Sucks not being able to make an exact duplicate: (
Knitting, jewelery making and drawing was what those who didnät take on crazy cosplay projects did these days. Me and Anna did our crazy beginner projects for NärCon Summer! Anna worked on Noah's wings, they are sooo pretty!
Of course, you could
do a lot of other things with the parts ;)
All the little pieces were sanded to perfection.
My project for the day was to fix the little imperfections and start adding all the details on the forearm armor.
I unfortunately had to change some things to get the right proportions on them. Ashei apparently has longer forearms than me too. I'll just photo bomb everything I've made these days!
Looks like a happy old man with a swirly moustache!
The others also thought they looked like cakes
Two finished pieces!
We watched the swedish thriller series "De drabbade" while crafting.
Started on the wrist pieces, but didn't finish.
Trying them on. I'm very happy that I didn't use the method I'd planned from the beginning with styrene and hot glue!

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