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Hi! I've decided to only update via facebook from now on. So for you who've found me via other means than my facebook-page, that's where you can follow me from now on:)


There's so many cosplays I want to do, my future cosplays-album on facebook is just growing! I've had a lot in school and with NärCon lately and that's why I haven't updated on my progress for some time.
That said, have some Quina!

After completely smoothing out the worbla texture with the primer, I took a large sponge stippler with white acrylic paint on it to make the surface a bit more organic, skin-like. It needs one more layer of it though.
Bought some white tunnel piercings for the hinges in the jaw, drilled holes and screwed them on.
Can't wait to put the head on when it's finished<3
Also worked a bit on the bib, but nothing worth showing really.
For my swedish readers:
I will be talking about Cosplay is not consent and other equality-topics on Sen kväll med NärCon sunday the 30th this month! So if you have any questions about that, tune in to the live stream and ask me and Samuel:)
I will post the link to the event when it comes up ^_^
UPDATE: Here's the link to the live stream :) 

Feeling proud and grateful!

One of my favourites from the Ashei shoot
I have some new followers on facebook, and especially to them: Hello everyone! Good to have you here and I hope you'll like my future projects as well <3
As some of you may have seen, the photos from my Ashei shoot with Shila is up at her page and on my cosplay page. I am so pleased with the results, Shila is so talented! 4 of them were shared on Zelda Informer and I've also seen some of them showing up on cosplay blogs and pages dedicated to game cosplay or the Zelda series:D To get this much attention for my first cosplay was not something I expected and it feels kind of surreal and I'm very happy to see that there are many who love Ashei as much as I do ^_^
I'm also very proud to tell you that I am now part of the NärCon crew, working as their Likabehandlingsansvarig. I can't really translate it well, but it means that I will be handling everything that has to do with equal rights, working pre-emptively to make sure everyone can attend and work at NärCon without getting harassed or treated differently because of sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, appearances and so on. This feels like such an important job and I will do my best to make sure I do it properly:D
It was quite some time since I last put up any progress photos of Quina, so here you go!
I chose a top layer of Worbla instead of PlastiDip this time to get a hard durable shell and the possibility to manipulate the surface like I have here around the eye sockets.
I realized later that I wanted them bigger, and went through a long frustrating process of changing the eye sockets with a knife, my rotary tool ans scrap pieces of Worbla.
The lower jaw, made in the most common way to use Worbla: Craft foam sandwiched in between two layers.
Sculpting the eyes in paper clay
The moulds weren't perfect because I didn't use enough silicone, so it was messy to say the least.
Even though it doesn't look very neat, it works! Here's before the lacquer.
It was the first time I worked with LED obviously since Ashei or Hajime didn't need lighting, and I felt like a frikkin' wizard when I turned it on and it's actually glowing<3
Here's how it looks when it's in the socket.
As you can see I have started the long process of primeing the surface.
I didn't have the thicker type of Gesso at home, so I experimented a bit with putty and gesso mixed together and it worked just fine! I know people who've tried this with wood glue + putty and that apparently works too^_^


School is taking up a lot of my free time, but I'm working as much as I can on Quina! I will not upload a lot of progress pictures since I want it to be debuted at Cosplay SM first hand.
About my previous post: I've finally managed to order stuff from CDON in denmark thanks to Henrik, and I hope the complications are over now:/
I hope you haven't missed that I've had a shoot with my Hajime cosplay? You can see the rest of them at my fb-page:)
I like the contrast between the bag and the wall <3
Here's an extra one that I haven't put up anywhere else, just to make up for this boring post haha!
I think I captured her grumpy-face :3

Gamex cosplay competition

I've been wanting to write about this for quite some time now but I've waited until it was (almost) sorted out.
At the Gamex cosplay competition, me, Sedra and Pileruds cosplay won a gift card for CDON. We were told that they hadn't been able to fix it so that we could get it at the prize ceremony but that we'd get it after the event was over. Over 2 months later we still hadn't recieved our prizes even though we had contacted both the one in charge of the competition, Gamex, and CDON. Empty promises and claims that they'd already sent it made us a bit irritated, to say the least. When we, after having to send our contact information again, actually recieve the gift cards they can only be used on the danish CDON-site, and the things you order can only be sent to a danish adress. I am so very disappointed in Gamex, and the ones responsible for this mess. If you win a competition, you shouldn't have to nag until you get your prize two months later. You shouldn't have to know someone in Denmark, and a Swedish competition should have prizes that can be used IN SWEDEN.
It's sad that my first experience of winning a contest only made me irritated and unmotivated to compete in the future. The fact that they aren't fixing this, that we haven't gotten an official apology and that we have to clean this shit up ourselves is whats bothering me the most, not that I can't redeem my prize.
Fellow cosplayers that plan on entering Gamex cosplay competition in the future, now you know how bad it's being handled. You've been warned.
Update: Apparently this person will be working with cosplay at Dreamhack Winter and Komplett as well.

Närcon STHLM and photoshoot

Närcon STHLM
Närcon STHLM was a lot of fun! It didn't really feel like a convention though. I was there all days except the last one. The best thing with this convention weekend was all the long talks I had with friends. I have the best friends ever<3 I think that you should always nurture and value friendship:)
Another great thing was that outside the convention, you could try out Roller Derby and it was SO MUCH FUN! I hadn't gone rollerskating in 17 years so me and my friend(who had never tried it before) were like Bambi on ice haha!
The cosplay competition had many talented cosplayers that I hadn't seen before, but sadly not that many participants. The ones that won deserved to win, although I had hoped to see Laxhmi win best cosplay and also that Roxana got a prize. Oh well, it was fun to watch anyways! If you want to see some photos from the competition and the rest of the convention, you can visit Närcons flickr site.
What I had been most psyched about was Cosplay SM that was held at Sunday. Not only to see all the performances but also seeing what it is I'll be participating in next year. My friend Josefin was one of the participants and she had asked me to draw the tattoos for her GW2 Norn Necromancer cosplay. Unfortunately we got home soooo late on Saturday(actually, it was already Sunday by then) so by the time we were done with her tattoos there was only two hours left to sleep.
Here are the tattoos. We didn't do any on the arms and I also simplified the one on the back since the clothes covered up almost all of it anyways.
took about three hours I think.
Here's a backstage photo before the competition. We were happy and psyched even though we only had slept two hours! The photographer Shila Forsman took some photos of the competitors and assistents and they are just so awesome, I love backstage-photos <3 You can see them here.
Here's a photo on stage where you can see the tattoo on the front as well! So pretty <3

It was amazing to see all the performances. Wish I could say which one I liked the best but everyone was so frikkin cool. I did like Martinas and Mirandas performances the most, but which one that was my favourite cosplay, no idea! So many cool techniques and characters. Impossible to choose! The winners were:
1. Martina as Female Monk from Diablo III
2. Linn as Lightning from Final Fantasy: Lightning returns
3. Josefin as Norn Necromancer from Guild Wars II
After seeing this years SM, I'm looking forward even more to when I'm up there on stage myself<3
My first cosplay photoshoot
I've been waiting for the snow here in Sweden so that I could shoot my Ashei cosplay in the right environment. Normally we have snow from november to mars but it was just a couple of days ago that we got snow that actually lasted more than a day! After Närcon this summer, I saw that someone had taken a really pretty photo of me up on the stage. It was Shila Forsman! I contacted her afterwards to see if there was a possibility that she wanted to shoot my Ashei. She accepted and now we finally had the chance to get out in the beautiful snowy landscape at Ulriksdal castle to get some awesome photos.
Sedra was so helpful as my assistent, getting me dressed and carrying things when we were out<3 thank you so much!
I've already gotten one photo from the shoot that I thought I could share with you! I'll post the rest on my fb-page when I get them:)
I can't wait to see the rest!
little zoom in on my eye make-up that I'm very proud of :>
By the way, I originally got an account on Ask to follow others, but if you want you're welcome to ask me stuff there!

And of course,
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography

Plans for 2014

Here are the three cosplays I want to finish this year. Two princesses and a frog-eating monster <3
Charlotte, from Berserk (movie version)
Zelda, from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
Quina, from Final Fantasy IX
Hope you had a lovely New Years Eve^_^ mine was a quiet gamer night with my fiance, playing the last bit of Bioshock Infinite. While watching the game I got some work done:)
figuring out how the jewels in Charlottes crown look and how the necklace will be up close.
here's the only decent reference picture of the necklace I've managed to find, so I had to sketch it up to understand how it looks
Here's my interpretation of it. Now, on to the sculpting!
first I sculpted it in Cernit
Then I made a mold of it
I tried doing a cast in alginate, but it was too small so it didn't work very well. I wanted to shrink the necklace a bit and since alginate shrinks when it dries, you can get an exact copy up to half the size of your original!
Since my alginate casts didn't work I just accepted that it will be a liiitle bit big, and cast it in resin when I had my batches ready for the jewels on her crown(hence the red tone) This is immediately after I popped it out of the mold, and I'm super happy with the results! Can't wait to paint this!
Here's 3 of the 16 jewels on her crown. I sculpted three jewels and made 16 unique molds in kneading silicone for the resin. Now they just need some gloss to make them all sparkly like Charlottes :> Oh and the one in the front needs to be painted pearl white as well!

Aside from this, I had an urge to draw, so I pulled out one of my dream cosplays, Opera Vectra from Star Ocean: The 2nd story and sketched up some things that are impossible to see how they fully look like in the pictures of her:)
Here's the best reference I have of her. There are some photos from Blue Sphere and the anime, but I don't like the style of them:/
Her arm thingy. and some ideas on how to fasten it on my arm.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately:)
I'll be at NärCon: Stockholm this weekend so come say hi!


I've been working on Zelda while waiting for my Rotary tool to arrive that I need for Quinas head. My foam base wasn't even enough to cover in worbla so I have to fix that. I actually finished the idea for my performace on cosplay SM and also made the music and sound effects that I want in it, it was so much fun to play around in Audacity :) Some of it is royalty free but unfortunately not all of it so if my performance gets put up on youtube they'll probably mute the music :/
I got my lenses for Zelda the other day, wigs and petticoats are ordered and we've looked up ears that we want as well! Here's some progress pics taken while working at Josefins place.
Here's the mould for Zeldas crown jewel. I made it in Fimo first, and then pushed it into some kneading silicone(dont know if that's what it's called in english though) to make the mould.
dyeing the epoxy resin to get the right red hue
here's how it looks in the game art
took an unintentional selfie when photographing my first time ever making something in worbla.
rounding the foam edges for my bracelets. The rotary tool produces a lot of foam-dust!
I struggled a lot to fit it on my wrist properly, I've learned to avoid re-heating foam+worbla since the foam shrinks and air bubbles start to pop up everywhere:( But it did end up great though!
Josefin worked on our shoulder pauldrons! We did a lot of other stuff too but I didn't photograph everything. I just don't remember it when I'm in the middle of working ^_^

KultCon 2013

Hi! It's almost been a month since the last time I updated and there's lots of fun things happening right now that I want to share.
KultCon 2013 was last weekend, 22nd-24th november. I had planned to just go there and hang out with my friends, play video games and enjoy the cosplay show from the audience.
The cosplay show at KultCon had a new addition to it, Performance! This is common in many other countries but apparently we've never really hade that kind of competition here in Sweden except for the big Championships such as Cosplay SM and Nordic Cosplay Championship. Since I think it's awesome that KultCon wants to make this kind of competition part of their cosplay show, I wanted to help. They needed more participants for it and I decided to reinact a scene from Gatchaman CROWDS, using my Hajime Ichinose-cosplay that I'd only used for like two hours at this years Confusion. I joined the regular show, got my picture taken at the studio and chatted a lot with the other cosplayers. I had NO expectation what so ever that I'd win anything. I just wanted to support KultCon.
I didn't take any pictures but there's lots of photos at Martin Becks facebook page and Artano Photography.
A photo from the studio! Photographer: Mattias "Artano" Persson
I was shocked when I got the message stating I was nominated for a price. I thought maybe I had won the category for best craftmanship or likeness because that was the two things the jury had mentioned when I talked to them. As all other category-winners had been called up on stage there was only one left; Best Cosplay. I was so god damn shocked to win! A character from a series that no one except me and one of the judges had seen won! This gives me a spot at the Swedish Cosplay Championship, Cosplay SM that will be held 2015. I really loved doing a performance so it feels awesome to have a whole year to plan one!
Of course, I'll be competing with Quina Quen. It's a perfect character to do a performance with and it's also an interesting costume that few has made. I hope I'll see you all there! :D
 I have a photoshoot planned for next Wednesday, so I'll probably post the photos here at the end of next week.
I'm not only working on Quina. I really want to do Charlotte from the Berserk movies but I feel that I need some more experience before making that cosplay since it involves a lot of sewing, that I still feel kind of insecure about. Fortunately, my cute friend Josefin wants me to cosplay Zelda, with her as Hilda from The legend of Zelda: A link between worlds! 
We'll be sharing all the work on these two since we want them to look like a pair. I'm looking forward to this so much! It feels like a good way to learn some more sewing. I'll try resin cast for the first time as well which is needed in a lot of cosplays I want to make in the future, such as Charlottes crown and necklace.

Confusion & Gamex 2013

Since I worked almost all of Confusion I don't really have any photos or the likes to share with you, but I did get interviewed by the local news(even though they only used a small part of it) while wearing my Hajime cosplay. I was supposed to cosplay with Sabina Mangal as O.D. but unfortunately she couldn't come to Confusion so I only wore it for a couple of hours the first day.
click on the image to go to the article
The article is AWFUL. The one who wrote it has totally misunderstood cosplay and conventions as a phenomenon. They seem to believe that Yohio is a cosplayer(?) and that he is some kind of ambassador for all things Japan in Sweden.
I quote "The interest is called japanese popculture and has become more and more popular since the singer Yohio won Melodifestivalen last year"
They literally asked me "Why are you doing this? Do you go around like this on a normal day? Why not when you've spent so much time on it??" And they didn't seem to listen to my answers. I said that it's about craftmanship and to be able to honour your favourite character and the game/movie/series- creator. The ultimate homage so to speak.
Anyway, I had a pleasant time and I was runner up at the Confusions got talent-competition :)
I was one of the three winners at the cosplay competition! I still can't believe it<3 It felt awesome to get some recognition for my work. I normally don't like competitions since there is one who is supposed to be "the best" even though there are so many who has made something amazing, and that's why I liked how Gamex did. They had three winners, and we all received the same prize with no first, second and third place. Just three winners! Isn't that awesome? I know the other two that won and they really deserved it. The other two were Sedra who won with her Neo Cortex cosplay from Crash Bandicoot and Henrik Pilerud  with his Space marine power armor from Warhammer 40k!
There were so many who recognised me in comparison to the few that did at Närcon this year. I got interviewed twice after the competition so I hope I can find it and share it with you soon!
I had such a great time and met old and new friends and I tried a lot of Indie games which was one of the things I looked forward to the most.
Here's some photos taken at the competition by Shila Forsman:
we had so little time to pose so I could only go up, take the yetihead off, and be on my way again:/
Getting called up on stage:3 
my bangs were all over the place when I took the Yeti-head off!
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography
I tried to improve the makeup for Ashei this time, and I photographed it step by step.
First photo is only circle lenses and covered up eyebrows, then I started to add shadow, highlights, eyeshadow, details and lashes.
sorry that some of the photos are a bit blurry, they weren't until I made a gif out of them :/
Here's a comparison shot with my "normal" makeup(after a long day at Gamex) to the left and Ashei to the right!
I worked a lot with the shape of my face, especially the nose and the eyes.
Thanks to everyone who came up to me at Gamex with wonderful words of encouragement and praise, it made my day<3

Winter is coming


My Ashei is in serious need of her yeti-suit now that winter is coming here in Sweden so I've decided to wear it for Gamex like I mentioned in an earlier post:) Since I STILL have craft foam sheets left I used that to make the base for the head and also the "face" of the yeti.
After this step I forgot to take pictures of the face unfortunately, but I assembled all the pieces of the face and used my wood burning-tool to create texture and details, it worked really well and I'm surprised that you don't see more of that technique! I highly recommend it :)
here's the finished painted piece.
with flash. I love doing the painting! You can achieve really nice effects if it's done properly ^__^
Attached it to the base and cut out holes so I can see(at least a little)
I found a really thorough tutorial on how to install fans inside helmets. Since I plan on doing that for Quina I decided to try it out on the yeti mask!  Here I've also started attaching fur as you can see.
A little mohawk-thing going on. My cat Elvis in the background is a bit scared of the yeti :(
Needs a haircut!
Here's how it looks in the game.
After I cut the fur. I still need to cut it a bit but first I want to attach the patched piece hanging down the front and the stitches on top of the head.
So that's pretty much what I've been doing lately.
If you're visiting Confusion in Gothenburg this weekend, come find me! I'll be Hajime on Friday from about 12am-7pm and on Saturday with The Sabi as O.D-sama until 2 pm :D
On Sunday I'll be participating in Confusions got talent. Since I love to sing I'll perform one of my favourite Naruto Shippuuden openings, Closer.
Hope to see you there!

Quinas head

I've experimented a lot with the materials I have at home. Here I tried changing the texture of craft foam with pyrography using a poker(wood burning tool) I will absolutely use this technique If I ever want something to look like reptileskin, leatherwork or wood!
Another material that has been lying around at home since this summer is Worbla. Wherever I turn on forums and facebookpages that is about cosplay people seem to think that just by using this material everything will be perfect. Why doesn't people want to try a lot of different materials to see what suits them/the costume the most? I think many buy it and have really high expectations just to realize that they've wasted money on something that they could've replaced with something much cheaper.
Oh well, I'm just a beginner myself and have no experience with it. Therefore I bought it to try it out! I'll be using it to make the outer shell of Quinas face. The uneven surface of it is suitable for her/his skin and the shape of the head is round, a shape I've come to understand is easiest to make with Worbla, since it stretches.
Today I tried which materials I'm using for Quina that Worbla glues onto without any adhesive. I'm posting it here. Maybe it'll be of some help:)
It didn't glue very well at all onto the plastic pipes I'll be using for the body construction, but it did glue well onto;
-Plain craft foam the basic material that I've seen being used all the time with Worbla. I wanted to see just how well it sticks to it. You can rip it off but it takes some force. Leaves no traces of foam on the Worbla surface.
-Craft foam with a layer of woodglue same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. When I ripped it off, some of the glue stayed on the Worbla but I think it wouldn't have done that if the glue had dried overnight.
-Craft foam with a layer of joint filler same adhesive effect as plain craft foam. All of the joint filler stayed on the Worbla surface when I ripped it off which proves that it sticks better to Worbla than Craft foam. Really want to try Worbla+Joint filler a bit more! Maybe it can be used to even out the surface of Worbla instead of glue/gesso etc.
I bought a helmet that I'll use as a base for Quinas head. It was a helmet used when horseback riding, I cut off the bill/visor (don't know which term is the right one) and a piece in the neck so I can bend my head back more.
I made a pattern from a BIG plastic bowl we have at home. It's the perfect size for Quinas head, I'll also use it for shaping the Worbla. Here I have cut out all the patternpieces in craft foam.
I glued all the pieces together with superglue and some pieces with hot glue. I wanted to use superglue on all of them but apparently, if there's ProMarkers on a surface, the glue wont dry:( so remember that people; some ink makes superglue(such as Loctite) not glue tohether your pieces!

After putting them all together, I took some matress-foam and glued it onto the helmet since the craft foam-helmet I'd made is bigger than the one I bought. Afterwards I applied two layers of wood glue to make it more stiff.
After some measuring and sketching I roughly marked out where the eyes will be. I also noticed when checking my references that I need to add some more mattressfoam to the back of it but other than that, it turned out really well!
Obviously, I still need the lower jaw, but since I want to be able to open the mouth I need to try some of my theories a bit more so I don't put a lot of work into it just to notice that it doesn't look good/open properly. I won't bother trying to explain my ideas now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)
So, trying my ideas for real is the next step. I won't bother trying to explain what I want to do now, it's easier to just look at the pictures later:)

Big project

Quina is getting some well needed attention now! I've got all important references and sketches up on the wall and I think I've figured out everything concerning construction and soldering(I'm putting in fans so I don't die on there XD) And it is indeed a big project, both in the cosplays size and the work to make this a reality.
I'm thinking it won't take as long as Ashei(6 months) but you never know!
I've just finished fixing up my little craft room, now I don't have to put away my work at the end of the day!

I needed something to put my costume on when working with it so I came up with this really creepy thing that now stands in the middle of the room. My hips and shoulders are marked out with some paper pipe I found at home. That way I can get a better ifea of how I need to construct it to make the proportions right.
A sketch on how the head'll be built.
I'll be making the head first, because it's the part that would be hardest to change if I don't get it right. By starting with it I can adjust the body to fit the heads size. i think I've actually come up with a way to open the mouth! I'll show you more when I start on the actual building.
Here's the new bird-hairpin I made for Hahime since the other one just disappeared.

The weekend will be one long cosplay workshop for me, yay! Look forward to some serious progress~


After a very productive weekend at Josefins place I made a tulle-skirt and the note for Hajime.
I've also, as you might have already guessed, done a makeuptest! I look photoshopped but I promise, I'm not! I've just bought some things from a new line of make up that photographs really well^_^ The wig I ordered was too short and the wrong color so this is just one I had at home. It's not heat resistant and it's shiny as hell when you use a flash :(
The little bird she has in her hair has flown away. I have absolutely no idea where it went, so I'll have to make a new one. Other than that and the faulty wig I'm done with Hajime! Here's some more pics~
It looked so sharp on the camera screen and now I see that the focus is on my hair instead of the eyes XD
Anyway, I'm very happy with the lenses since Hajimes eyes are like light grey/brown, it was hard to find lenses that looked like that.
I'm so pleased with the note! I found the perfect grey book to have as a base for it at a local store:)
It was the first time making a tulle-skirt for me, Josefin helped me a lot, I'd never have finished it that fast if she hadn't ^_^
I was so happy today when I found out that Sabina wanted to cosplay as O.D with me!! She's perfect for it and we'll take lots of awesome photos at Confusion <3


I don't really have the time for a longer post, but here's the backpack finished:3
So cute and ugly at the same time<3 It's a bit unevenly packed in the pictures, I'll stuff more things in it at the con!
I'm really happy with the way it turned out, considering that I didn't have a pattern or experience with how to make bags. The eyes are made out of craft foam that were cut and sewn onto the bag.

School girl

Hi everyone! I've ordered a wig and lenses, and gotten a lot done that I thought I'd show you:)
Here's the finished skirt and blouse on. It's a bit wrinkly where the zipper is but that's just because i didn't pull the skirt down far enough, it turned out really cute! Just need to buy some tulle to get Hajimes signature POOF :D
I inserted my first zipper ever! I followed a Craftsy-tutorial called Mastering Zipper techniques with Sunni Standing, which by the way has a really helpful site on sewing ^_^
I inserted it wrong like 3 times but I'm still impressed by how easy it actually is when you get the hang of it:)
Yesterday I started on the backpack when me and Laxhmi had a little workshop at my place, she's working on an amazing Alichino-dress! Visit her fb-page for progress and the likes:)

We didn't get a lot done and mostly talked haha! But I continued after she left and finished all the pieces and now I just need to sew them all together. Here's some progress pictures!
I didn't have a pattern or a bag to look at so I just made it all from scratch by looking at the pictures and trying things to understand how it should be put together. I really like the yellow and black shoulder straps!
Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend or the beginning of next week:D


Making a duckbeak because...cosplay XD
4-5 layers of woodglue, 2 layers of acrylic paint and two clear coats later I have a duckbeak for Hajimes backpack!
I left the back untreated so that I can adhese it to the foampiece I'll sew on to the backpack.
the little bird she has in her hair! I just cut it out of a white plastic lid.
I'll glue it onto a hairpin but I want to wait until I have the wig finished. Never know what kind of pin I'll need:)
Another finished item is the blouse. As I mentioned in my last entry I bought a blouse in a local store.
I'm kind of bad at sewing so I made it easy for me by first cutting the collar on the blouse in the shape I needed the black one to be, then I could just grab my seam ripper and detach the collar. It then worked as a pattern for the black one I made using 3 layers of vlieseline and the black cotton fabric I'll be using for the skirt. The collar isn't round and smooth at all but it's the best I could manage.
As long as you don't get as close as this, you won't notice the uneven collar with the wig covering up most of it.
Finished! It needs some serious ironing though...
On Wednesday it's cosplay workshop at my place with Laxhmi! Hopefully I'll get a lot done that day:)


Hajime means "beginning" in japanese, maybe I should have had her as my first project? That'd been neat!
I'm moving slow in progress on my costumes right now, and it's just how I want it actually. Financially, I can't really do that much right now, and a lot of what I can do needs to be practiced for or tested first so the slow pace hopefully means that I'll get a good result in the end!
Anyways, this is the outfit I want to wear to my next convention which will be as soon as the end of october this year. She's Hajime from the new animé Gatchaman Crowds. I'll be working in the videogame team at Confusion in Gothenburg 25th - 27th october, come say hi if you're there!
Even though I'm not planning to compete with this cosplay, I'll be making a lot of the items anyways.
I already have a pair of black tights, I got the perfect shoes for a really good price through a swedish Ebay site called Tradera, and I found the shirt in a local store for 10 kr! I need to change the collar on the shirt and make a yellow bow-thingy but other than that it's just the skirt that I'll be sewing.
I love that they're not in leather<3
I made a visit to Sundbybergs Textile Centre on wednesday and met up with Josefin and Miranda, two talented swedish cosplayers I met at Närcon that also lives near Stockholm and we ended up spending most of the day together. I had so much fun! I was on a tight budget that day but I did get what I needed for Hajime and also some new needles for my sewing machine:)
Apart from her school outfit and her Gatchaman Notebook I'll be making her backpack! Josefin told me that you can actually buy this on Ebay, but I want to make it myself because I'll learn a ton about sewing and It feels a bit too easy to just buy it, I love a challenge:)
Here's my fabric and zipper for the backpack. I also bought some stay tape for when I'll sew in the zippers, some Vlieseline for the collar and interfacing hems, and a zipper for the skirt!
As for the beak, I've made it in craft foam, smoothened it out with joint filler and I am now in the process of primeing and strengthening the surface, but this time I wont be using PlastiDip. I will try woodglue in many thin layers. This woodglue thing isn't something I've come up with myself. A lot of people have tried it but mostly on worbla. Some say it sucks and that everything goes to hell when it rains on your prop. and for some it works perfectly. I decided to try myself on a scrap piece of foam. 4 layers of wood glue first, a layer of acrylic paint and then a clear coat. I tried rubbing water on the surface, scratching it with my nails, and even leaving it in water for a couple of minutes. It didn't show any sign of peeling or something like that. I'm starting to think there´s only some types of wood glue that works since people seem to get such different results with it. Anyways, I'll be trying it on my beak and we'll se how it goes! If it just peels off even though my little experiment worked, I'll get some PlastiDip and redo it:)
Here's some progress on the beak before I started coating it with glue:
By the way, you haven't missed the photos of my Ashei that I've uploaded on and on my facebook page, right? Here's my two favorites!
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography
Photo: David Johansson
Now that I've had some time "away from it" I realize that getting that silver/gold/green mix was hard to pull off, but I frickin' did it and I'm so proud of myself<3

Mini update

Not much has happened since the last time I wrote. I've done some of those little things such as looked up what kind of lenses I need, ordered some fabric samples for future cosplays and bought fabric and shoes for a casual cosplay I'm hoping to finish this year.
my fabric samples
here's how the color of Quinas coat looks
left: official game art   middle: concept art   right: in game
I ordered two different pink fabrics that I thought could fit for Quinas coat(which is the only fabric I'm missing for that cosplay) but none of the two really fits. The jeans at the top is too dark and saturated, and the manchester at the bottom is the exact same shade as the one I'll be using for the "skirt". So I thought I'd try dyeing the manchester to get the right shade, we'll see how that goes:) I'll try beetroot and if that doesn't work I'll buy some fabric dye. Apart from these samples I've also looked up a white fur for Asheis yeti-suit.
The casual cosplay that I mentioned is a character from a new anime called Gatchaman Crowds. I love the way it's drawn and the character design, so if you haven't already, go check it out!
I hope I have some progress to show you soon :)

What's next?

After NärCon I felt both very psyched and also very nervous and insecure about cosplay. Do I want to continue with this new hobby of mine? Yes! The question is if I have the time to compete. To keep a deadline. I'm a bit unsure about that since it was kind of stressful to complete my Ashei for the competition and I was so afraid of what people would think of it. I wanted everyones approval, someone saying "yes, you may continue with this". Quite stupid now that I think about it but most people probably feel that in the beginning, that those who are already well known and experienced has to give an OK-stamp in the ass of all the new dolls coming down the aisle.

Despite that, I'm already planning for my next projects, Lodovica from the comic Sky Doll and of course I want to continue on my Quina Quen!
I don't think I want to wear Lodovica for a convention since it is so revealing. I really love the character and I think I could pull it off really well, it's just that I've realized what a huge issue it is for cosplayers with revealing outfits to attend conventions and other events. It's the same problem as anywhere else - just because a woman or a man shows a lot of skin some people suddenly think they have the right to touch them and say sexist comments. I've seen this happen to a fellow male cosplayer, and heard a lot of stories about it happening to girls as well. They did actually bring up "Cosplay is not consent" at NärCon but it was really brief and they only said that we "have to look out for each other" and nothing more. If you're interested in reading more about CINC, you can visit this facebook-page.
my Lodovica reference
I do have enough self esteem and a strong opinion about this so I would definitely not approve of it happening to me. They'd get a piece of my mind. The thing is, I want to remember a convention because of the fun things that happen and all the people you meet, not some dude or dudette grabbing my ass or making sound effects for my boobs when I walk, yes these are actual things witnessed at NärCon.
If I'd have someone around me, helping me if something happens and making sure no one does anything inappropriate I might consider wearing something revealing for a convention. We'll see. Right now I feel that I want to make this costume, and have a really awesome shoot with it, reinacting scenes from the comic and looking fabulous with my friend Arty Anna as Noa!
So what's next? Well, I got my XL sheet of Worbla to try out, I've ordered some fabric samples today and I'm planning for a cosplay workshop at Anna's place this fall! I might make the Yeti version Ashei for Gamex too if I find the right kind of fur for a reasonable price :D
Ashei in her Yeti-suit

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