Gamex cosplay competition

I've been wanting to write about this for quite some time now but I've waited until it was (almost) sorted out.
At the Gamex cosplay competition, me, Sedra and Pileruds cosplay won a gift card for CDON. We were told that they hadn't been able to fix it so that we could get it at the prize ceremony but that we'd get it after the event was over. Over 2 months later we still hadn't recieved our prizes even though we had contacted both the one in charge of the competition, Gamex, and CDON. Empty promises and claims that they'd already sent it made us a bit irritated, to say the least. When we, after having to send our contact information again, actually recieve the gift cards they can only be used on the danish CDON-site, and the things you order can only be sent to a danish adress. I am so very disappointed in Gamex, and the ones responsible for this mess. If you win a competition, you shouldn't have to nag until you get your prize two months later. You shouldn't have to know someone in Denmark, and a Swedish competition should have prizes that can be used IN SWEDEN.
It's sad that my first experience of winning a contest only made me irritated and unmotivated to compete in the future. The fact that they aren't fixing this, that we haven't gotten an official apology and that we have to clean this shit up ourselves is whats bothering me the most, not that I can't redeem my prize.
Fellow cosplayers that plan on entering Gamex cosplay competition in the future, now you know how bad it's being handled. You've been warned.
Update: Apparently this person will be working with cosplay at Dreamhack Winter and Komplett as well.

Närcon STHLM and photoshoot

Närcon STHLM
Närcon STHLM was a lot of fun! It didn't really feel like a convention though. I was there all days except the last one. The best thing with this convention weekend was all the long talks I had with friends. I have the best friends ever<3 I think that you should always nurture and value friendship:)
Another great thing was that outside the convention, you could try out Roller Derby and it was SO MUCH FUN! I hadn't gone rollerskating in 17 years so me and my friend(who had never tried it before) were like Bambi on ice haha!
The cosplay competition had many talented cosplayers that I hadn't seen before, but sadly not that many participants. The ones that won deserved to win, although I had hoped to see Laxhmi win best cosplay and also that Roxana got a prize. Oh well, it was fun to watch anyways! If you want to see some photos from the competition and the rest of the convention, you can visit Närcons flickr site.
What I had been most psyched about was Cosplay SM that was held at Sunday. Not only to see all the performances but also seeing what it is I'll be participating in next year. My friend Josefin was one of the participants and she had asked me to draw the tattoos for her GW2 Norn Necromancer cosplay. Unfortunately we got home soooo late on Saturday(actually, it was already Sunday by then) so by the time we were done with her tattoos there was only two hours left to sleep.
Here are the tattoos. We didn't do any on the arms and I also simplified the one on the back since the clothes covered up almost all of it anyways.
took about three hours I think.
Here's a backstage photo before the competition. We were happy and psyched even though we only had slept two hours! The photographer Shila Forsman took some photos of the competitors and assistents and they are just so awesome, I love backstage-photos <3 You can see them here.
Here's a photo on stage where you can see the tattoo on the front as well! So pretty <3

It was amazing to see all the performances. Wish I could say which one I liked the best but everyone was so frikkin cool. I did like Martinas and Mirandas performances the most, but which one that was my favourite cosplay, no idea! So many cool techniques and characters. Impossible to choose! The winners were:
1. Martina as Female Monk from Diablo III
2. Linn as Lightning from Final Fantasy: Lightning returns
3. Josefin as Norn Necromancer from Guild Wars II
After seeing this years SM, I'm looking forward even more to when I'm up there on stage myself<3
My first cosplay photoshoot
I've been waiting for the snow here in Sweden so that I could shoot my Ashei cosplay in the right environment. Normally we have snow from november to mars but it was just a couple of days ago that we got snow that actually lasted more than a day! After Närcon this summer, I saw that someone had taken a really pretty photo of me up on the stage. It was Shila Forsman! I contacted her afterwards to see if there was a possibility that she wanted to shoot my Ashei. She accepted and now we finally had the chance to get out in the beautiful snowy landscape at Ulriksdal castle to get some awesome photos.
Sedra was so helpful as my assistent, getting me dressed and carrying things when we were out<3 thank you so much!
I've already gotten one photo from the shoot that I thought I could share with you! I'll post the rest on my fb-page when I get them:)
I can't wait to see the rest!
little zoom in on my eye make-up that I'm very proud of :>
By the way, I originally got an account on Ask to follow others, but if you want you're welcome to ask me stuff there!

And of course,
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography

KultCon 2013

Hi! It's almost been a month since the last time I updated and there's lots of fun things happening right now that I want to share.
KultCon 2013 was last weekend, 22nd-24th november. I had planned to just go there and hang out with my friends, play video games and enjoy the cosplay show from the audience.
The cosplay show at KultCon had a new addition to it, Performance! This is common in many other countries but apparently we've never really hade that kind of competition here in Sweden except for the big Championships such as Cosplay SM and Nordic Cosplay Championship. Since I think it's awesome that KultCon wants to make this kind of competition part of their cosplay show, I wanted to help. They needed more participants for it and I decided to reinact a scene from Gatchaman CROWDS, using my Hajime Ichinose-cosplay that I'd only used for like two hours at this years Confusion. I joined the regular show, got my picture taken at the studio and chatted a lot with the other cosplayers. I had NO expectation what so ever that I'd win anything. I just wanted to support KultCon.
I didn't take any pictures but there's lots of photos at Martin Becks facebook page and Artano Photography.
A photo from the studio! Photographer: Mattias "Artano" Persson
I was shocked when I got the message stating I was nominated for a price. I thought maybe I had won the category for best craftmanship or likeness because that was the two things the jury had mentioned when I talked to them. As all other category-winners had been called up on stage there was only one left; Best Cosplay. I was so god damn shocked to win! A character from a series that no one except me and one of the judges had seen won! This gives me a spot at the Swedish Cosplay Championship, Cosplay SM that will be held 2015. I really loved doing a performance so it feels awesome to have a whole year to plan one!
Of course, I'll be competing with Quina Quen. It's a perfect character to do a performance with and it's also an interesting costume that few has made. I hope I'll see you all there! :D
 I have a photoshoot planned for next Wednesday, so I'll probably post the photos here at the end of next week.
I'm not only working on Quina. I really want to do Charlotte from the Berserk movies but I feel that I need some more experience before making that cosplay since it involves a lot of sewing, that I still feel kind of insecure about. Fortunately, my cute friend Josefin wants me to cosplay Zelda, with her as Hilda from The legend of Zelda: A link between worlds! 
We'll be sharing all the work on these two since we want them to look like a pair. I'm looking forward to this so much! It feels like a good way to learn some more sewing. I'll try resin cast for the first time as well which is needed in a lot of cosplays I want to make in the future, such as Charlottes crown and necklace.

Confusion & Gamex 2013

Since I worked almost all of Confusion I don't really have any photos or the likes to share with you, but I did get interviewed by the local news(even though they only used a small part of it) while wearing my Hajime cosplay. I was supposed to cosplay with Sabina Mangal as O.D. but unfortunately she couldn't come to Confusion so I only wore it for a couple of hours the first day.
click on the image to go to the article
The article is AWFUL. The one who wrote it has totally misunderstood cosplay and conventions as a phenomenon. They seem to believe that Yohio is a cosplayer(?) and that he is some kind of ambassador for all things Japan in Sweden.
I quote "The interest is called japanese popculture and has become more and more popular since the singer Yohio won Melodifestivalen last year"
They literally asked me "Why are you doing this? Do you go around like this on a normal day? Why not when you've spent so much time on it??" And they didn't seem to listen to my answers. I said that it's about craftmanship and to be able to honour your favourite character and the game/movie/series- creator. The ultimate homage so to speak.
Anyway, I had a pleasant time and I was runner up at the Confusions got talent-competition :)
I was one of the three winners at the cosplay competition! I still can't believe it<3 It felt awesome to get some recognition for my work. I normally don't like competitions since there is one who is supposed to be "the best" even though there are so many who has made something amazing, and that's why I liked how Gamex did. They had three winners, and we all received the same prize with no first, second and third place. Just three winners! Isn't that awesome? I know the other two that won and they really deserved it. The other two were Sedra who won with her Neo Cortex cosplay from Crash Bandicoot and Henrik Pilerud  with his Space marine power armor from Warhammer 40k!
There were so many who recognised me in comparison to the few that did at Närcon this year. I got interviewed twice after the competition so I hope I can find it and share it with you soon!
I had such a great time and met old and new friends and I tried a lot of Indie games which was one of the things I looked forward to the most.
Here's some photos taken at the competition by Shila Forsman:
we had so little time to pose so I could only go up, take the yetihead off, and be on my way again:/
Getting called up on stage:3 
my bangs were all over the place when I took the Yeti-head off!
Copyright © Shila Forsman, All Rights Reserved
Shila Forsman Photography
I tried to improve the makeup for Ashei this time, and I photographed it step by step.
First photo is only circle lenses and covered up eyebrows, then I started to add shadow, highlights, eyeshadow, details and lashes.
sorry that some of the photos are a bit blurry, they weren't until I made a gif out of them :/
Here's a comparison shot with my "normal" makeup(after a long day at Gamex) to the left and Ashei to the right!
I worked a lot with the shape of my face, especially the nose and the eyes.
Thanks to everyone who came up to me at Gamex with wonderful words of encouragement and praise, it made my day<3


It has struck me! The post-convention feelings that make you sit and stare at peoples photos of the con and wanting to be there again.

I'd actually made plans to write entry for every day at NärCon at the internetcafé they had there. When I arrived the first day of Närcon, thursday, and made my way to the computers there were a lot of people who just shouted "DIBS!" and held onto that computer the whole night. When I finally got one it was something wrong with the keyboard and I couldn't write ;_;
It's just not the same to try and recall everything afterwards but I'll do my best!
I'm no pro photographer so I didn't bring my camera to the convention. There are so many talented people documenting everything and a lot of it will be up at NärCons flickr-site so if you want to see good photos of the convention, go there! Of course I'll share the photos I've uploaded to instagram over the days and write about my first time cosplaying at a convention!
I'm so, so happy that we rented a car and drove to NärCon. Being able to roadtrip with friends and stopping for lunch whenever you feel like and not having to stress about keeping the time. Awesome.
I really didn't want to miss anything at the convention so I made a schedule for myself a couple of days before with the all the info I needed! The time, place and date of the movies, lectures and workshops I wanted to attend.
We stood in line to get in longer than it took to drive there but with good company, an umbrella and some water to cope with the sun and the time flew by! It was my fiances first convention so he didn't really enjoy cueing as much as meXD With approximately 5000 visitors, it's amazing that we got in in just over two hours.
I didn't have a lot planned on Thursday and Saturday since I wanted to cosplay those days so after we got into the area we left our things in the sleeping halls and headed for the convention. I booked a time at the photo studio to get photographed for the competition and then I got into costume! We actually stood behind four really cute Links when waiting to get in, probably from Four Swords and I found two of them when I was Ashei and of course we took some photos together! Here's my crappy mobile phone-shot haha!
I'll have a proper photoshoot in the woods with my Ashei cosplay as soon as I can! The shot taken in the studio for the competition hasn't showed up at NärCons site yet. I guess they have a lot to do right now when the convention is over but as soon as I can get a hold of it I'll give you a better look at the costume^_^
He's so happy to attend his first convention :3
I got out of the costume as soon as I had taken the photo in the studio because it was soooo hot and super uncomfortableXD I couldn't sit down, and i got blisters on my feet after walking around in the shoes for too long. The shoes was suprisingly comfy considering the heels and how much I walked around in it though. It wasn't that many people that recognized me but many came up to me and asked about her and really like my work so that was a really cool feeling!
Every cosplayer(and other people too for that matter) that I met and talked to was SO nice! I met these two a couple of times during the con in the cosplay workshop, at the contest and also afterwards, they won the price for best group!
This group of browsers were so cute! <3
When I complemented this guy for his choice of cosplay we agreed that more people should cosplay from Doukutsu Monogatari, so go and play the game if you haven't and get on it:D
I'd followed Emelie "Sedra" Bäcklins progress with her Dalek and even if I haven't watched Dr. Who I just love this. When cosplayers construct a costume where they really become the character is the best. I wish to accomplish that someday too! She won the price for "Best Idea". I thought she'd win the whole thing though!
Linnéa "Mitternacht" Karlsson had so many costumes with her to the con! I only took a photo of her Sonia from Dangan Ronpa. She was so cute ;_;
I really liked the opening ceremony, they had a video explaining how Närcon has grown from a small convention to the biggest one in all of the nordic countries and for someone like me that had never attended NärCon before I liked that you got some background story to it:D It started at 10 pm and went on for an hour and since I drove all the way from Stockholm to Linköping I was really tired and went to sleep afterwards.
I had planned lots of stuff for Friday since I wasn't cosplaying then. We slept until lunchtime and started the day with watching One Piece: Strong world. It rained a lot so we were drenched and freezing by the time we got to the con. Starting the day by just sitting down and watching a movie was really cozy while the rain was pouring outside. I had some time to kill between the end of the movie and the start of a lecture that I wanted to attend so we looked around the shops a bit and just hung out with friends.
I was a little early to Sabina "The Sabi" Mangals lecture about cosplay make-up so I waited outside and she was actually there so I got a chance to talk to her for a while before the lecture started and she was so energetic and happy! I felt like a sloth that morning after a long nights sleep and a movie so she woke me from sloth-mode haha! We talked a lot about the competitive side of cosplaying and had a lot in common about the way we view cosplaying as a hobby and a life-style. I had a great time talking to her and her lecture was packed with useful tips<3
Some League of Legends cosplayers got together for a shoot and even if I haven't played it I love the character designs so it was fun to see so many of them at once. Chrix design that cosplayed Vi won third price at the Nordic Cosplay Championship that was held later that night. I wanted her to win!
I spent a lot of time with Laxhmi Lundell these four days, she's a talented cosplayer that I look up to a lot and I had so much fun talking to her about everything from everyday life to cosplaying. Since she has competed a lot and also judged cosplay competitions I asked her all my questions and shared my fears and she soothed me with her knowledge :3 I took this shot when we were in the cosplay workshop. I helped her out since she had really bad luck with the wolf molds. All the paint peeled of right before the con so she had to redo everything! I'm so glad she finished it in time so we all got to see it on stage<3 She won the best craftmanship category!
I regret not taking a less shaky picture, but anyways, I met Josefin "Tennyo" Slorafoss a couple of times during the con and she was, just as all the other famous swedish cosplayers, super nice <3 She had commented on my facebook-page that she was excited that someone wanted to cosplay Ashei here in Sweden. She's cosplayed both versions of Midna and also Princess Zelda from the same game so I had looked forward to showing her my Ashei:D I was suprised that all the talented people that I met were so talkative and humble about their cosplays and that they were willing to share advice so freely.
This was one of the photos taken in the studio on thursday. On the day of the competition, Saturday, I had fixed some small things. The make-up was MUCH better and my hairline didn't look as wierd where the wig meets my real hair. Laxhmi shared a really good photo on facebook of me up on stage taken by someone she knows so I asked that person if I could use it here and on until I get a proper photoshoot.
I think this photo is very Ashei :D photograph taken by Seb Yoshi Zingmark
Before the contest when I was getting dressed a seam in my pants broke! I rushed to fix the big hole and missed the rehearsal so I was very confused when I got there. I actually almost fainted backstage because I had forgotten that I wasn't supposed to wear the shape wear I wore on thursday. It was too tight and in the heat and being nervous I felt really sick! Laxhmi, one of my friends that I came to the con with and some of the staff there helped me get out of the armour so I could go inside to rest up, get out of that cursed shapewear and drink some water. I was number 63 so I got there just in time to get my costume on again and get up on stage. I'm so proud of myself that I pulled it off. I was still a bit shaken so I didn't remember afterwards what I did on stage haha! But my friends said I was awesome and made her (few) signature poses and I didn't fall or anything so I'm happy with it!
I watched the rest of the show. There were so many great cosplays, it made me proud to be a swede:D
Apparently a lot of the audience couldn't take the heat and walked away after half the show so I felt bad for those who walked up on stage then. They were really good at handing out water and going around with fans backstage but most of the audience didn't bring any water so they probably felt awful!
I actually got called in for an interview with the judges! They really like my paint job and how everything was put together. I got so many nice comments about my cosplay and that they looked forward to my future ones since this was my first! They were surprised that so many of the ones they called was first timers^_^
I had a really good time while waiting to get interviewed. The other cosplayers in the waiting room were just as nervous as me and we listened to good music and talked about the con and of course, the competition. Afterwards me, Laxhmi and Sofie Busk that cosplayed Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones(she had sculpted and cast a dragon in latex!) watched Late Night with NärCon and then I went to sleep so I wouldn't be too tired driving home.
On sunday we packed up all of our stuff in the car and made our way to the con. The only things on the schedule was the japanese street-fashion show and the announcement of the winner of the contest!
Sofie was modeling at the fashion show so I wanted to see her Cult party-kei outfit, so pretty*_* I really love that style so it was nice to see a fashion show with more styles than lolita.
Afterwards they announced all the winners and as I've written already, a lot of people I'd talked to and gotten to know won:D Unfortunately I didn't win anything but I'm just so happy that I entered and that I got called in for an interview.
I'll have to ponder for a while about what my next cosplay should be. Feel free to come with suggestions! I've made an album on my facebook page with cosplays I want to make in the future if you want to take a look:)


After a months "vacation" in the form of studying to get my drivers license, I'm now at home again working on Ashei. I passed the tests and it's now officially confirmed that me and some friends will rent a car and drive to NärCon with me at the wheel. It'll be so much more comfortable than trying to get all armour parts packed and transported on a bus or train. I really look forward to our little roadtrip to Linköping:)
I got home yesterday but I've managed to do a lot anyway! Now I'll put in the high gear and work my ass off to make it until 25th of july
Attached all armor parts to the glove. Glue gun is too hot, and superglue makes the fabric break(and burns as well) so I used contact glue for this.
Ready for weathering! Here you can see the pink parts on the hand, looks a bit off
With and without flash, first stage if weathering and highlights.I used acrylics in Burnt Umbefor this. The pic with flash shows the difference between before green hue and after since the blade is still silver^_^ I'm really glad I managed to get that green shimmer!
Since I got the question how I made the corset bend to my body I'll put up a little tutorial later tonight:)

An hour to spare

My everyday life allows not really all that much other than studies, parenting, and of course the most basic needs. I have my tricks to get time for, in this case, my cosplay. I read all of my course books in advance if I can, to have self-study days available for cosplay. Yesterday I used the time available when my kid had fell asleep. It's maybe one, two hours in the evening before I go to bed. If I have prepared everything else such as eating dinner, arranged for tomorrow (be it school, washing time or another), and the like, I can use those hours.
What I did do was some details on the shaft, adjust the fit slightly, and sketch out a bit how it should be.
joint filler is on the way so I can fix joints and other things too. This is what I've enjoyed the most, details!. I of course look forward to painting too!
Today I'm home with the little one, but I've still been able to do one thing, and that is to redraw Asheis shoes. It looks like she has flat shoes but I decided to change them into wedges because I have such big feet. Size 40 with a wierd curve at the front of the shoe would look a little clowny. Getting a bit longer legs using heels isn't all that bad either!

As you can see there isn't much change really, I think even this becomes more similar than if it were flat shoes. The shoes I'm going to have as a base are the black ones in the picture. They are on their way, the last one in my size so I was lucky!
About a week ago I ordered free samples from the site
 Wonderflex WorldI have no experience of the more expensive materials cosplayers use to make armor, weapons and accessories(since this is my first time). In the sample, there were two different thicknesses of Fosshape, and some Wonder Flex. All are thermoplastics and wonderflex can also be glued to itself when it is heat activated. I have not experimented with this yet, but promises to show when I do My Costumes has all sorts of cosplay related things and they also have a larger sample, but it costs 10 euros to order. There, among other testing materials are Worblas finest, Worbla deco art pellets and CobraCast. I'm eager to try it in the future! Right now I feel a little too much like a beginner, and would love to explore the potential of craft foam. So far it all goes well, and with a little sealant to hide seams with, I think you can do almost everything with just craft foam or foam rubber.



Just returned after a visit to my old home in Bollnäs. With me, I brought these Triforcemagnets I made as a present for my brother. Nice to be able to make something out of all of that styrene!


Today I received a package from  EyeCandy's,I'd ordered two pair of lenses green ones and pink. I even got a little extra gift! A cute frog lens case.
The pink will be used in a small photo shoot at the end of next week. A classmate wants to fill her portfolio with some portraits and the likes.
I've done a little bit more on my Quina-cosplay but nothing more than the shoes are done yet. I've made a little bit of Quinas fork, but the parts that are in gold  needs more details (looks kinda shitty right now) and I'll get leather and polystyrene. Thinking about how to best attach the fork portion on the handle so it fits well. Wondering if Loctite super glue + plastic + gold spray is a chemical crazy combo? We'll see I guess.
Have you voted for all the great cosplayers atCosplay SM? My vote went to Gustav Ljungdahl because I love that he makes his armour out of actual scrap metals!

More Kultcon 2012

All the photos here are taken by Andreas Wikström, Makaze Photography.
In action pic when making Ian become Absalom!
rehearsing the openingsketch
Here you can see Namis tattoo a little better
 This photo was taken by Eddie (Sanji) on the train to Jönköping. So happy ^_^

Kultcon 2012

This weekend I was at the convention KultCon in fine Jönköping with equally fine friends! I had in fact won a contest and gotten a free ticket. One could design a new logo that would be their mascot Kult-kun renewed. Me and another girl won! Here is my contribution:
 Satisfied, happy and stoked we went by train from Stockholm. The sun was shining and it was absolutely wonderful.
It was three fantastic days with video games, goofing around and competitions. Thanks to everyone who made my weekend!
On the second day of the convention my friends starred in the opening of the Cosplay competition. For those of you who do not know what cosplay is, it's an abbreviation for Costume Play and is simply when you dress up as a character from a game, a series or film. Them and the rest of B.A.K.A Cosplay did a fantastic job! They were all cosplaying characters from the series One Piece. Here you can see the entire inaugural sketch with dancing and the whole thing! It is filmed with my cell phone so the quality is not super-duper(and it's in swedish)
I was honored to do the makeup for my friends who were Absalom and Franky, but also two others from B.A.K.A Cosplay I did not know from before, including a girl who cosplayed Nami! She had a tattoo that needed to be covered up with the character's tattoo. It was incredibly fun and I would love to continue with cosplaymakeup! I mostly took pictures with my cell phone during the convention, but I'll soon put up better pictures that other talented people took soon:D
Here's a group photo of my great friends who attended the opening ceremony.
Sanji to the left won the prize for best look-alike, and Franky in the middle won the audience choice.
lovestruck Sanji!
Here's the cutest Nami I've ever seen!
My friend Eddie was so happy(?) to have won the prize as Sanji :D
My little Kult-kun decorated the top of the trophies!
Eddie also turned into Will Smith now and then haha
Breakfast at a hostel was awesome. Conventions often mean bad eating habits >.>
Here's the make-upgirl from Cosplay-saturday! I wasn't cosplaying, I was just being my awesome self:)
The cute Florentina och Johanna did an amazing job doing the make-up for Sanji!I just love how they're each others opposites in this picture^_^
I did som gerilla war tactics-marketing in the café
the Café
Here's some cool convention people that I just wanted to photograph.
coolest Beppo and Trafalgar Law
random cute girl<3
Another cutie! I think she cosplayed someone from Vocaloid. I don't have that much knowledge about that software, Do tell me if you know who it is! update: SeeU from Vocaloid 3
Tony tony Chopper
I get so inspired going to events like these!.It makes me want to start up my own convention in Stockholm^_^!
I'm planning a grand costume for me to next summers NärCon in Linköping. It will be legendary.
Thanks again KultCons organizers <3